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i may need a couple of sports icons

Some wee ickle baby named David Pastrnak got his first point on an assist to Bread Mearcheand today, so whatever.


I HOPE RIGHT NOW HIS PHONE IS ALL BLOWN UP and he calls back Jordan and Malcolm in Providence and it is all very incoherent, everyone's joy colliding, and Pasta's like "But guys, we lost," but he has this huge grin on his face anyway because the shine of being up in lights hasn't worn off, like will it ever? Y'KNOW?? His mother is crying half a world away, he knows it in his heart because she cries at everything and the guys call him a mama's boy like it's a bad thing. He'll call her back next.

WE MUST CARE FOR HIM WELL. I'm looking at you, Bread. Assist~ him back. The kinkmeme practically demands you push Pastrnak up against a wall and lick his neck, et cetera et cetera, a penis, butts.
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I feel I should point out that the kinkmeme does not demand this thing. There is singularly little Marchard/Pastrnak being prompted there, and I know just the person to fix it. *eyes you*
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Aw. Not everyone! I think people like Brad Marchand, for example, and have a healthy respect for Zdeno Chara. Anyway, people are moooostly good about letting people fan for whatever team they want to fan for (and if they are not good about it, then they are jerks and you should ignore them).

Also I have totally prompted Bruins at the kinkmeme before. So. :D
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I think the magical formula that results in RPF doesn't necessarily have much to do with being in a sports town or not, or even if the team is successful or not. The two big ships right now are Pens and Hawks, and both of those teams are successful, but after that it's pairings from the Oilers (oh, poor Oilers) and the Stars (which had a run at the playoffs last year full of gumption and can-do narrative). Both those latter two exist almost entirely because of cute videos and PR, as far as I can tell.

OH. But I just remembered hearing that Bruins fic used to be bigger back in the LJ era! You might check out [livejournal.com profile] 2mins4slashing for fic.

The kinkmeme prompt was, uh, vore in which Chara ate rookies who misbehaved. Aren't you glad you asked? :D
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HAH. The prompt wasn't so much regular cannibalism as whole-body vore, but your imaginings are also appealing.

And yeah, my favs of all are Malkin and Fleury, largely for their extreme adorable factor (and because Malkin is a BEAST, and watching him race up the ice with the puck on his stick brings me joy).
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I like that everyone in this story gets food names.
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