whynot: SPN: all hail (we're going to heaven)
Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2014-12-02 12:43 am

i may need a couple of sports icons

Some wee ickle baby named David Pastrnak got his first point on an assist to Bread Mearcheand today, so whatever.


I HOPE RIGHT NOW HIS PHONE IS ALL BLOWN UP and he calls back Jordan and Malcolm in Providence and it is all very incoherent, everyone's joy colliding, and Pasta's like "But guys, we lost," but he has this huge grin on his face anyway because the shine of being up in lights hasn't worn off, like will it ever? Y'KNOW?? His mother is crying half a world away, he knows it in his heart because she cries at everything and the guys call him a mama's boy like it's a bad thing. He'll call her back next.

WE MUST CARE FOR HIM WELL. I'm looking at you, Bread. Assist~ him back. The kinkmeme practically demands you push Pastrnak up against a wall and lick his neck, et cetera et cetera, a penis, butts.

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