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but for serious, seguin just looks like the evil version of eddie lack.

OK, so fan-flashworks@LJ (I forget how to HTML the thing, it's been a while) has the next prompt of CONTRABAND. I have ideas. There is no guarantee that what's under the cut is going to involve any of these ideas! But there are fic ideas for def.

Admittedly, most of them involve Bergeron and Marchand double-teaming Pastrnak in some way, lol. Look at this sexy line. I GUESS. Marchy's one of those people I feel is NOT GOOD LUKIN so I just get frustrated when I find him attractive like STOP. THIS IS NOT YOUR PRIME DIRECTIVE. Did I tell you I went down a Patrice/Brad spiral on tumblr today? Yo. Brad sucks Patrice's dick frequently. Let's move on.


Fic idea #1: Brad/Patrice shortly after Segs gets traded and Brad is kinda fucked up about it, and Patrice is his safety net. Kind of. I mean, Brad's just a volatile guy and he kinda latches onto Patrice with this half-desperation, half-frustration, and Patrice is not really reciprocating in obvious ways because there are bigger things to focus on than this self-centered tragedy, but he just wants Brad to be okay. Cut to: Brad sitting on the bathroom floor after he just threw up in the toilet, head tilted back against the wall, eyes closed, everything spinning, and Patrice leaning with his hip against the counter, staring at nothing in particular, very tired. Either shortly before this, or long after this, Brad will try to kiss him and Patrice will not kiss back. Tonight, right now, Brad rubs the heel of his hand into his eye and keeps mumbling I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But there are bigger things.

AHH, YES, MARCHAND, waving wild in the wind, fucking his way through Boston, kissing that woman at the club, and then, when he's dancing with her, he looks for Patrice's silhouette in the crowd over her shoulder. Sometimes Patrice lets himself get caught watching, but sometimes not. The summer's almost over and they're running out of time to figure this out. Brad leaves a drunken voicemail on Patrice's phone intended for Tyler. It ends up with Patrice showing up at Brad's doorstep in the middle of the night. Not sure on the details of what happens next, but I'm pretty sure they do the penisbutt.

Fic idea #2: DAVID PASTRNAK IS SO SHINY AND NEW. PATRICE, I WANT ONE!! LET'S PLAY WITH IT IMMEDIATELY. ME FIRST!! I feel like this is the kind of thing that requires outrageous amounts of porn and I am so terrible at porn. Remember that time I intended to write cracky commentfic and ended up with 25k of srs bsns bodyswap? Yes. Well, I do like the idea of David being all starry-eyed and bowled over and a puppy on a leash in every sense of the word but the literal. He wants everything, he wants everything from them, and they're so happy to give it to him.

Fic idea #3: Marchand fucks Pastrnak and is a dick about it. Pastrnak doesn't mind.
Fic idea #4: Marchand fucks Pastrnak and is a dick about it. Pastrnak DOES mind.
Fic idea #5: Pastrnak/Krejci

Fic idea #6: OH ALL THE MINOR LEAGUE DWEEBS, ALL THE AHL TWERPS, just a couple of steps away from the big time, and meanwhile they are working hard, playing hard, fucking each other hard, sucking each other's dicks hard, feeling hard, feeling soft, feeling breakable, Malcolm Subban feeling up David in the bathroom of some shitty Providence bar and David can hardly breathe, he's wanted this since the first second, never knew all he had to do was ask. Jealous!Jordan Caron, maybe. idk. There's a beach in Rhode Island called Goose Wing beach, and although it's that halfway place between summer and autumn right now, Malcolm takes David there and it's cold, it's so cold, and nobody's here to watch, so David pulls him closer and kisses him again and again and again and--

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