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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2014-12-06 10:45 pm

omg phew we finally got a win

Another gratuitous icon post! I have a hockey icon now, yay.

All the language stuff from the last post got me thinking also about that fatigue that comes when you have to communicate all day in a language you're not fluent in. There were some days this got really stressful for me when I was working in Indonesia, and at its worst, I felt like I was losing my personality because I simply did not know how to express it. (lol, extra stress because people expected me to speak the language well because I am an actualfax Indonesian, but that is neither here nor there.) (I am an Outdonesian.) (...I'm sorry.)

ANYWAY, Pastrnak was quoted recently as saying he reckons his English is getting worse. My brain was like FIC PROMPT, because idk, because Pastrnak apparently grew up idolizing David Krejci, so on top of being drawn to Krejci for starry-eyed feelings, he's also drawn because he's hungry for speaking freely and being understood. And Krejci is intrigued~ lol idk because Las isn't in a sports fandom until she starts doodling stuff about veterans wanting to get their grubby mitts on rookie tush. Throw in a scene where Chara pulls Krejci aside all like, "uh dude water u doin..."

idk, the stress of the team doing badly, the pressure of being a highly-touted prospect playing while half the lineup's injured, the constant threat of being sent back down to Providence because it's been a revolving door between Providence and Boston. His friends keep showing up for one day, two days, a cup of coffee, before they're sent back down to be replaced by some other freshly hungry guy.

And at some point there's this scene where Pastrnak's over Krejci's place, and it's just the two of them, and Pastrnak is kinda nattering on in Czech in a streams-of-consciousness kind of way, contentedly absent-minded about it, sprawled out on Krejci's couch like he's been here a million years. He stretches like a cat, shirt riding up, and Krejci's mouth goes dry a little bit.

Stuff like that.

Moments of Krejci sitting with all the injured Bruins, watching Pastrnak play. More of Chara being uneasy and rightfully judgy, and there are these murmured sidebars that the guys around them don't understand. idk, a little jealousy gets in when Marchand gets handsy all over the kid. That moment where they're alone and Pastrnak's still looking up at Krejci like he hung the moon, and Krejci realizes that Pastrnak'd let him do anything, that that's exactly what the kid wants and maybe that's what Krejci wants too and it's all such a bad, bad, bad idea.

He's gonna go for it.