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writing is hard

I was not looking forward to tonight's game because wow, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Also, today I went on the Harpoon Brewery tour with my brother, and if you guys are ever in Boston, I'd recommend stopping by. Cute tour, good booze.


- Fraser arrives in Edmonton, discombobulated and a little heartsick. Ference takes him under his wing ~BUT THEN THEY TAKE IT TOO FAR~

- Seth Griffith. Either a teammate is crushing on this cool-eyed kid who makes things look effortless, or Griff is crushing on Patrice Bergeron 'cos Bergy's just trying to be a good mentor, but then he's too good at it, and Griff can't compartmentalize.

- THE BERGERON LINE. Preferably polyamory, but would also accept infidelity love triangle, because I'm trash.

- Further installments of Segs and Marchy being dysfunctional exes. Spend the day driving into the heart of the desert, nothing like this back in Boston, nothing for miles around. The sky, the land, simple firmaments. It's tabula rasa; you can turn it into anything. In this universe, everything stays the same, and there is nothing in the landscape to say otherwise.

- Krug and Marchand's bromorotica

- Pastrnak/cynical veteran whose interest is piqued by the shiny new rookie with the goofy smile


- better Luongo/Lack fic, they are space detectives
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better Luongo/Lack fic, they are space detectives

I don't have time to write this for you, BUT I ALSO WANT THIS.