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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2015-01-15 01:28 am

someone yell with me about this i'm so desperate

The prompt on fan-flashworks@LJ is 'burn' and maybe that's a good thing for someone who is suddenly seized by a deep desire for Seguin/Marchand fic because there's a Stars-Bruins game next week hahahahahahdjkshafsjklfjsd

idk man, anything from like dumb happy text chirps where Marchand's like "PREPARE TO BE CRUSHED" or whatever and Segs is like "yoooooooo bring it ;)", TO LIKE. No communication from Marchy or Segs to each other and it's weird and they're babies about it, like Benn's all "why do you keep looking at your phone, man" and Segs is like "no I don't. what?" Ahahahahaha what if they get into a fight on the ice, what if Segs and Marchy fight each other on the ice, I would probably die. That's gonna turn into an all-out scrum. Benn's gonna swoop in all HDU!!!!! and Quaider's gonna jump in and dislocate something, and Z just kind of sighs heavily because he is not surprised, oh Brad, and then Z has to be like

wow, okay, google image search.

and I'll be yelling, "DO THIS INSTEAD!!!!" Make hot sweaty love, not on-ice war.

So off they go to the penalty box and they can either 1) pout and ignore each other, 2) continue viciously chirping each other through the glass, 3) continue chirping each other in friendly fashion through the glass?, 4) start talking excitedly about the new Marvel movie as they wipe the blood off their faces.

At some point during their stay in Dallas, someone pushes someone up against a wall and kisses them?? Probably Segs pushing Marchy up against a wall, because height advantage, and Marchy lets him. Y'know? He wants it. He's been wanting it. Not necessarily in a pining way, but Segs is a good memory, one of those good memories where you know if they get within spitting distance of you again, all bets are off. Segs is kissing him against a wall and all bets are off, it's 2010, nothing's changed.

The next day, the flight back to Boston isn't until night so Segs and Marchy hang out all day, y'know. Sex? Xbox? Both? who knows. not i, dear readers.

Wait, rewind back to the game, the night before the game, what if Segs and Marchy hang out, ok, and sports media does a collective "oooOOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Just the two of them hanging at some bar, and the sports media is all "well, they're not shirtlessly hanging off each other and in my head I'm going be like ("YET!!!!").

"You can admit you miss me, it's okay," Marchy says, and Segs just smiles wryly and throws a crumpled napkin at his face. Talking shop like "So your Czech kid is something else huh? Also your power plays, but in an opposite way, trollololol" and Marchy throws the napkin at his face back. Talking shit and making each other laugh, whatever. Getting kind of quiet and contemplative when they talk about trades and injury, Marchy extemporizing on Krejci and Z, and Segs leaning back and listening and unthinkingly peeling the label off his beer.

Someone asking "what are you doing this summer" and the other being kind of noncommittal and brush-off about it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No, I'm kidding (a little), the only real answer is "Eating cereal out of the Stanley Cup. You can stop by and watch if you want."



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