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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2015-01-21 10:21 am

the hell was that game last night. i love that game last night.

I've got attempts at Marchand/Seguin fic scattered all over my laptop, in like three-sentence increments. I don't have the attention span right now to write something longer and more cohesive.

1. Segs sending Marchy texts along the lines of "you moron" when he hears Brad has been suspended.

2. Brad leading a posse of Bruins into the Dallas restaurant where they're supposed to meet Seguin, and Segs is already there. Brad lamely makes "Seggy's early???" jokes.

3. Easily dispelled discomfort and awkwardness when the subject of the trade drags on. Bergy breaks it up by proposing a toast.

3a. Tyler gets a text during dinner. "lol, it's from Jamie, he says don't keep me up too late, and also prepare to be crushed tomorrow". Friendly chirping around the table ensues.

4. Too much booze makes Segs and Marchy chirp more peevishly, and there may or may not be a brief conversation~ in the restroom. The cause of the snippiness is not immediately clear. They have, probably, just missed each other, or at least each other's blow jobs.

5. Dinner ends! Everyone goes their separate ways, and then there's just Marchy and Segs and Marchand says "wellp, I've got nothing to do tomorrow, so" and Tyler says "I do" but also "my place isn't too far from here". Marchand's all "lol, what time is it, don't tell your boy I'm being a bad influence". Segs says, "What else is new? Anyway, Benny's not your problem tonight."

6. Sexing.

7. Segs has to go in the morning and tells Brad there's coffee in the kitchen, just lock up when he leaves. Brad drinks coffee in the living room with Marshall curled up beside him. Dogs have long memories. Look at this place. There's a bunch of framed photos Brad recognizes from Segs' old place, but also a bunch of new ones. Marshall snuffles in his sleep and Brad scratches his ears. Some things haven't changed.

8. MORNING SKATE. Largely an excuse for Bergy to poke his nose into Brad's business 'cos he knows all about their history. Smally an excuse for scenes of Dougie and Pasta goofing off on the ice behind them.

9. The game? Or Brad texting Segs some kind of good luck message before the game? "But not too much luck. Just enough to not make you look stupid."

10. Brad wants to hang out after the game. Segs says nah, he's tired. Desultory chirping via text before "k night".

11. It's 3 AM and Brad's phone rings and it's Tyler. He's at the lobby of Brad's hotel, what's his room number?

12. Sexing.

12a. "Why are you always a bad idea?" Segs wonders. Post-coital conversation getting a little schmoopy and bittersweet.

13. Tyler leaves. Tyler stays until morning. idk! If I ever get around to writing this, I'll figure it out.