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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2015-02-03 03:01 pm

and suddenly, russians

So apparently there is a hockey exchange going on! And I am signing up. Filling in my likes like "decisions you don't regret that make you sad anyway" aw yeeeeeeaaa, bring it.

A CERTAIN SOMEBODY has me tumbling down an Alexander Ovechkin/Evgeni Malkin spiral. VERY DRAMATIC. Very FEELSFUL. Also I just read this old article on Malkin and it's SO. MUCH. It starts out like some gritty noir novel because what on earth, his escape from his old team is like he's trying to escape Cuba to play baseball, and then there's stuff like this:
On Twitter, which Malkin joined at the start of the season, he responded to an earth-shattering nutritional discovery by asking for verification from his 79,000 followers: “Just read that tomato = fruit? True???”
oh nO.

I caught an episode of "In the Room" on the NHL network and woah, the cinematography is tight?? The music alone. Step up your game, "Behind the B".

Where is all the Geno/Ovi fic? Where is it all?
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Hah, that article is really something, isn't it? I'd already read fic for a while before I came across it, and I'd thought the whole "flight from Russia" thing was getting exaggerated for narrative effect / because that terrible Russia you know, but it turns out that the whole cold war espionage impression I had was accurate?!

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I LOVE THAT ARTICLE. Like, seriously, I love everything about it. And I really just want to like, pick Geno's brain about everything ever. (I have this vague wish to work for a sports Hall of Fame someday and do oral histories with former players, because I think it would be fascinating. So many stories, so many walks of life, so many sports feels!)