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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2015-02-17 01:56 am

o sweet anon

ALL THE PIECES OF MY HEART. Pasta goes down on the high-stick and Krug literally falls over to get to him. GET THESE FEELINGS AWAY FROM ME. And here's Kells dadding it up. Everybody goes into Mama Bear mode for the kid.

In other news, my attention was brought to this Marchand/Seguin prompt and now I am DESTROYED. WHO ARE YOU, MARCHAND/SEGUIN ANON? LET'S BE FRIENDS.

I'm very intrigued by anon's suggestion that it was the trade that precipitated the someone making a move, because it appeals to my sense of PAIN. Anyway where were these two when the trade happened? Where's the one where they spend the rest of the season just kinda chilling in a despedida kind of way. Last sweet days of summer before the fall, kind of deal.

But it's entirely possible that Brad and Tyler have been canoodling for a long time before that, an entirely casual thing. No strings attached, ostensibly. It was a very agreeable situation for a long time. Then it was 2011, and some nights are very fuzzy, but he does remember getting up on a bar (table?), his shirt gone, Tyler next to him in a similar state, and there was one point, there was a point in the night where Brad thought Tyler was gonna lean in and kiss him, here in front of all these people, and Brad was filled only with the peace of realization (and much booze). Let Tyler kiss him. Brad doesn't care who knows.

Tyler was just off-balance and affectionate, content to lean against Marchand and ceding all control of his center of gravity to him. No kiss, at least not then.

Offseasons interludes/homecomings where they kind of meld back together again, nursing postseason wounds. Sometimes they party hardy, sometimes they go to a place Brad rents down the cape and go fishing and swimming and cook lobster. Tyler doesn't ache for Massachusetts the way he used to, but sometimes he remembers to the bone why he loved it here.

ugh, idek! The few times during the season that they play each other, if they're hanging out before the game, Brad joking around trying to get Tyler to turn on his team and share some insider tips, but Tyler is like "no way, dude" and then tries to get Brad to turn on the Bruins. Sometimes they don't have time to see each other after the game, but sometimes that's a good thing, one of them inevitably in some kind of dark mood and nursing temporary resentment. But one time when Boston beat Dallas at the Garden, Tyler was kind of ferocious in bed afterward and Brad was into it.

ALL-STAR BREAK, THEORETICALLY. They can go to a Pats game. They party around town with their Boston sports harem and end up double-teaming Julian Edelman I mean what uh who said that

Did you know they're friends with Chris Evans? There is always time for a Chris Evans interlude.

Also oh my gosh, Tyler's injury?? And Marchand not hearing about it until after the game, and it's he's like, "He's what?" 2-4 weeks is a kick in the balls.

Marchand collapsing on his hotel bed with his shoes on after tonight's game, just completely fucking drained, and then there's a text from Tyler, and Brad reads it and then he smiles because Tyler is a dork and then Brad calls Tyler back.