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idk which fanbase is more surprised

The shock has worn away and I'm fuzzy on a couple of beers, and now the nagging doubt settles. Krejci's injured again. We got a call-up playing center in his place. Granted, the Spooner line turned out to be effective tonight. And hey, Ferlin got his first point, and Bart and Caron played like they were determined to prove people wrong. But was Chicago the last hurrah before the long dark teatime of the soul? The Bruins haven't really proved themselves to be a durable team this season.

I missed the Bergeron goal because I was trying to figure out which channel it was on gdi NBC, but the Vines showed up soon enough. I watched it and my heart pretty much turned into the :') emoticon. Marchand to Smith to Bergeron. Marchand with the nice play to Smith, who has been struggling of late, who has been shuffled up and down the lines, who couldn't even look happy when he finally broke his scoring drought in Edmonton because it had been too long. He just looked hunted. But then the feed to Bergeron, and then the goal. This stupid fucking line. This king and his lionhearts. I hate them.

And then Smith got a goal, too! So that was nice.

Tuuka's losing it, though.

I got my hockeyexchange assignment! I'm very happy with it.

Also, in other Bruins stuff, can we talk about this? And how Dougie is all, "Wow, there is a lot of touching right now, I better put my hands in my pockets so I don't... touc...h...stuff........" It's getting hot in hurr. IDK DUDES THEY ARE ALL SO FOND OF PASTA AND IT IS GIVING ME ALL THE FEELS. #tbt to this dumb shit. Krug couldn't even stay upright and crashed into him in his rush. bb that is no helping way, but we can appreciate your intent.

do you ever cry

- Malcolm omfg. Pasta checking up on him between periods, but Malcolm's still kind of shell-shocked. Pasta doesn't have enough English to say what he wants to say, but there isn't much to be said that can help at this point. It's not what Malcolm wants to hear right now. And then the post-game, and Dougie and Pasta and Ferlin want to feed Malcolm a lot of booze, but he's not in the mood for sympathy. He sees his parents after the game and it's kind of painful, they're so supportive and wonderful about it, and Malcolm just wants to put his phone on silent and sleep until they give him a ticket back to Boston. What a fucking shitshow.

When he gets back to his hotel room, he collapses on his bed and turns on the TV and zones out, replaying in his head every goal he allowed. After a couple episodes of some indistinguishable sitcom, Malcolm hears the door unlock and open and he says, "'Sup, Brian," but it's not Ferlin, it's Pasta. Pasta, with Brian's keycard, and a six-pack of beer. The first thought through Malcolm's head is "he can't buy beer yet" so Dougie was also probably involved somehow. "Brian and Dougie watch TV," Pasta says, "but I, ah. I don't know know. I don't know it. I don't like the zombies."

"Oh, Walking Dead?" Malcolm says.

"With the monster."

"Yeah, the zombies."

Pasta shakes his head kind of apologetically. "I don't like."

Drinking with a bunch of people was a lot, but on second thought, drinking with just Pasta is fine. It's familiar. Malcolm in general is not the most talkative guy and Pasta is still learning English, but they find ways to communicate in the ways that matter.

"Yeah, I don't know what this is," Malcolm says, gesturing at the TV. "I just put it on. But bring that beer over."

And they watch trash TV and drink a little and Pasta is trying to tell him a story about his mom, and everything starts to haze around the edges, reality a little loose. They only mention the game once, when Pasta relays to him that Mrs. Pastrnak says to tell him don't lose hope, just work hard. Malcolm laughs, tells him to tell her thanks. He's only seen Pasta's mom in passing, pulled into saying hi when he walks in the background of a Skype chat.

"My mom said the same thing to me," Malcolm says. "I mean. Y'know, what else can you do?"

"You're good, for sure," Pasta says, and


at some point they make out. and Stuff.

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