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hockey holiday exchange 2016

Dear author,

First of all, thanks for being here! I'm pumped to read whatever it is you wanna write about the things I wanna read! I basically fell in love with Canada's top line over the WCoH so my prompts have something of a theme...

Unsurprisingly, for any combination of Patrice Bergeron/Brad Marchand/Sidney Crosby that I've requested, I'd love something WCoH-centric. Slices of life before, during, and after the tournament. But also, before the tournament, Sid and Marchy have been working out together during the summers in Nova Scotia for the past few years, and I'd love something about their growing relationship over the years. I love hometown feelings, the comfort being on your own turf. idk if there's rivalry between Cole Harbour and Hammonds Plains or what, lol (though that would be great), but I'd love stuff like them showing each other where they skated as kids and where they hung out, stuff like that. Speaking of which, Bergy came to Halifax before the WCoH to bond and skate around, so that's prime fodder for that kind of thing right there. But bonding during the tournament or celebrating the win, those are all A+ too.

Whether it's threesome, or two of them are together and the third one knows or finds out, or two of them are together and no one else knows, I'm up for it! What else do I love, I love emotional game description e.g. what was going through their heads when Marchy scored the GWG short-handed. That "thrill of victory, agony of defeat" stuff, not always the details but how they galvanize the players and open floodgates for them - I eat it up with a spoon. It's been such a tremendous summer for Marchy in general, and it would be such a great bonus for me if you touched on that. Coming from a 37-goal season to win 2 golds, one of which you won playing on the same line with your BFF and your hometown boy? I cry. Marchy is my fave, so if you cast the spotlight a little more on him, that'd be a great bonus.

On a Bergy/Marchy note, Bergy said that he wasn't really worried that Marchy was gonna leave the Bruins by the time they got to final contract negotiations, but I'd be curious about the journey they took to how they both got to be this confident in Marchy's decision. The worry and uncertainty and wondering if they're gonna lose each other at the same time that they're stumbling to each other. Also, unrelatedly, I found this in my notes somewhere: DONT PLAY POND HOCKEY ON THE HAUNTED POND OR YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THRU SOME ORPHEUS-ASS SHIT TO GET YOUR BOYFRIEND BACK. So that's another prompt. I would love that premise for Marchy/Bergy, except with a happier ending lol

On Sid/Marchy note, this thing on my tumblr. On a general note, hockey's pretty much all I tumbl about these days so if you're curious to see how I feel about stuff and things, go ahead and click through.

To go to the other side of the spectrum, the AU that I've been thinking about a lot is one of them is a forest spirit and their woods are in danger of being clear-cut, so the other person (or people, if it's OT3) tries to stop this travesty. Or! A sailor(s) keeps getting lost at sea, and they figure out that it's because one of the stars he navigates by is missing from the sky. The star is the other half/third of the ship.

A belated DNW that I forgot to add on my sign-up: please don't use real life WAGs or Tyler Seguin. I've enjoyed and written fics with both, but I'm not feeling it for this specific challenge. <33

So yeah! Use and/or discard these prompts as your inspiration sees fit! I don't mean to get specific, just want to give you as many jumping-off points as possible so that you can find the one that suits you best! Good luck, author, and thanks again!

xoxo Las

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