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I crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] twoskeletons. If by some chance one of my fics happens to inspire you, feel freeeeee to do whatever with them, including but not limited to podfic, art, writing in 'verses, remix, etc! All I ask is that you link me so I can see. :)

Last updated: July 20, 2012.

Avatar: The Last Airbender // Boondock Saints // Captain Planet // Chronicles of Narnia // Clarissa Explains It All // Dirty Sexy Money // The Faculty // Fight Club // From Dusk Till Dawn // Harry Potter // Leverage // Lord of the Flies // Merlin (BBC) // Murder By Numbers // The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us! (Sufjan Stevens song) // Red Dragon // RPF // Scooby Doo // The Secret Garden // Sherlock Holmes (reboot) // Skins // Supernatural // X-Men: Evolution // X-Men (movieverse) // Y Tu Mama Tambien // anthropomorphized things // crossover/multifandom

All my fanmixes can be found under this tag.


Facing An Open Sea
March 2009, 944 words. Ty Lee/Azula, peripheral Mai/Zuko. R. Warnings: jailbaity sexytimes, spoilers for episode 3x05.
Episode tag to 'The Beach'.


25 Cents
March 2004, 1484 words. Connor & Murphy preslash. PG13.
In which the brothers nurse their wounds alone and the guilty are sensitive to the subtlest accusation.

Down and Out in Brazil (or Venezuela)
March 2004, 493 words. Connor & Murphy, PG.
A portrait of the homicidal Irishman as a young Indiana Jones fan. Vaguely inspired by Sean Patrick Flanery’s brief stint as a Young Indiana Jones.

Big Sky Country
August 2004, 5121 words. Connor/Murphy, R. Warning: incest.
En route to California.

You Can Pick Your Friends and You Can Pick Your Nose, But You Can't Pick Your Friend's Nose
April 2004, 456 words. Connor & Murphy, PG.
Murphy is sick.

Man of the Moment
February 2004, 207 words. Connor & Murphy preslash.
You don't expect this kind of heat in Boston this time of year.

St. Pat's
March 2004, 146 words. Connor & Murphy pre-slash.
There were two constants in life: bruises and each other.

March 2004, 303 words. Connor & Murphy pre-slash. Warning: violence.
Connor once put his cigarette out on Murphy's arm.

January 2009, 93 words. Warning: death.
Someone's forgotten something.

May 2004, 279 words. Connor/Murphy. PG13. Warning: incest, death.
The inevitable.

Downward Slope
March 2004, 363 words. Connor & Murphy, PG.
Don't run downhill.


Static Noise
January 2004, 1773 words. PG. Smudges of Wheeler/Linka. Mostly Wheeler-Gi friendship. Mostly Wheeler.
After Gaia dies, the Planeteers disband and scatter. Wheeler goes back to New York and deals with inadequate endings.


Sea Salt
October 2008, 361 words
Peter & Lucy on the beaches by Cair Paravel.

five times in england when it was difficult to let go
October 2008, 480 words
Pevensies post-LWW.

In-Between Seasons
August 2008, 246 words. Edmund/Jadis-ish.
"You inhale memories to exhale dreams."

and sometimes you hear the silence speak
December 2008, 8638 words. Edmund, Susan, Jadis. There are shades of Pevencest and Edmund/Jadis here and there, though it is technically gen. PG13.
Edmund and Susan go to Calormen to collect magic. "We are doing this for Narnia, sister, and nothing else."

All Good Naysayers
November 2008, 1338 words. Edmund (sort of), Jadis? (sort of?). Rated PG.
You can kill the magician but you can't kill magic.

September 2009, 3300 words. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter(, Aslan?).
Lucy knows Aslan by many names.

Aqua Vitae
October 2008, 225 words. PG.
Peter & Susan in the Golden Age, irritable and worried and faithful.

Forms & Foundations
October 2009, 1224 words. Susan, Edmund. G. Co-written with Emile Durkheim.
"This world tells her, You are Susan Pevensie, a whole equal to the sum of her parts, and she wonders what that entails."

Where No Carnation Fades
June 2008, 703 words. Tumnus/Lucy, Peter, Edmund. PG13. Spoilers: The Last Battle.
After the last battle, in the garden.

all the trees of the field will clap their hands
December 2008, 1250 words. Susan. G. Spoilers: The Last Battle.
Susan, and the end & beginning of everything. Post-TLB.

The Light of a Different Sun
December 2008, 943 words. Glozelle, with blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it Glozelle/Prunaprismia. PG
The new world.

remember me as a time of day
July 2008, 824 words. Anna Popplewell/Susan Pevensie, Anna Popplewell/Will Moseley, implied Will Moseley/Peter Pevensie and EVERY OTHER COMBINATION. Rated PG13 for implicit sex and explicit crack.
In which there are dreams.

The Letters and Conversations of a King of Archenland
August 2009, 2645 words. G.
Lune, his family, his friends, and some unfortunate members of the Avran nobility.

October 2008, 280 words. PGish. Warning: incest.
Peter/Susan in England, years after PC, escaping to the seaside for a weekend.

The Left Hand of Heaven
November 2008, 3065 words. PG. Mild Lucy/Tirian, though this is mostly about Edmund and Peter and the battles they've fought across two worlds.
A missing scene from a Last Battle AU in which Edmund, Peter, and Lucy return to Narnia. Written for Narnia Fic Exchange '08.

Sea Change
March 2009, 3690 words. G. Peter, Susan, and Edmund from the end of the Golden Age to England, and back, and back again. Co-written with [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil.
Sea change: n. A gradual transformation in which the form is retained but the substance is replaced. "Maybe when the world changes, your footholds in it do too. Maybe he's back to stumbling in a land that doesn't fit him."

the empty world sings
mumblemumble 2008, 270 words. PG13. Pre-Peter/Lucy. Warning: incestuous vibes.
Written for the Narnia kink-meme prompt 'trapped in a cabin in the mountains' during dinner, except I changed 'cabin' to 'some caves'.

afterimages [this side of the looking glass]
May 2009, PG13. Peter/Susan. Warning: incest.
Microdrabbles written for a post-PC fanmix.

Christmas Past
December 2009, G. Edmund, Susan. 323 words.
Golden Age fic. It's Christmas, and Edmund and Susan are up early as usual.

July 2008, 2221 words. PG. Edmund, Caspian, and the Pevensie parents, and Susan, at the edges.
Edmund and Caspian set out to explore Aslan's Country, and get sidetracked.

May 2009, 647 words. Peter/Susan, rated R. Post-Narnia. Warning: incest.
They are not afraid of silence.

After All
October 2008, 167 words. Susan/Caspian, rated R, set during PC movieverse.
It's about sex and things never happening the same way twice.

this room has many windows
August 2008, 655 words. Susan/Peter/Edmund. PG13. Warning: incest.
Set years after PC but before Last Battle. "There is a difference between forgetting who you are and forgetting what you do."

Crowning of a Heart
August 2008, 3079 words. Peter/Susan, so WARNING: incest. I'm... gonna say rated R.
Returning to Narnia dredges up the past.

a collection of drabbles
September 2008. Rated G.
size too small, Edmund post-LWW. all the trees, Susan post-TLB. we won't need legs to stand, Pevensies knowing Aslan by another name

no matter of yours
sometime 2008, 114 words. PG. Edmund, Tumnus, Susan, Lucy.
Golden Age. In which Tumnus is smarmy and Edmund doesn't want to know.

Acquainted With the Night
June 2008, 1436 words. Peter/Caspian, Caspian/Susan. PG13.
Insomnia after the battle, before departure.

too old for lullabies
December 2009, 627 words. Peter/Susan, I guess. PG13. Warning: incestuous.
"That's all the whiskey we have left to drink." Post-Narnia.

Reflected in a Watery Mirror
January 2009, 3885 words. Narnia:Dustverse. Peter/Tirian. Rated R for kings getting it on.
Fic of a fic. A missing scene between chapter 6 and 7.

Hidden Pictures
June 2008. PG13. Missing scenes from the 'Prince Caspian' movie.
Make your pain/An image of the desert.
Peter and Susan. Post-LWW, pre-PC.

a crushed glass under the feet/still shines
Lucy at Cair Paravel. Trumpkin in the woods.

Try this year, too/To live alone in the long summer
Edmund, Lucy, Caspian, Peter. On the way to Aslan's How.

feather lost from the tail/of a bird
Caspian/Susan, archery practice. Lucy left behind at the How. Peter en route to Miraz's castle. Caspian and Peter after the summoning of Jadis.

to move without hurry/under trees
"In the days of the Golden Age, Edmund headed a coalition that had no name and whose members wore no distinguishing crest."

And do not learn from/Experience.
Caspian/Susan, after the battle. Rated R.

they would bend to kiss the earth/and return, their lean faces housing mystery.
Post-PC.Peter's return to England, the second time around.


Still Life
January 2002, 1200ish words. Ferguson, Clarissa. PG.
Clarissa talks to people who aren't there. Ferguson worries.


Going Blonde
October 2008, 166 words. Jeremy, Juliet. Rated G.
Juliet goes blonde.


I Saved The World And All Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
May 2004, 1305 words.
Anywhere but now a.k.a. the one where Casey is sort of an emo bitch. Post-movie.


Point A to Point A
November 2003, 4122 words. NC17. Yes, there are ships.
Tyler comes back. You're not surprised.
Coda: Point B

January 2004, 3087 words. Ricky/Angel Face, implied Tyler/Angel Face. R. Warning: ambiguous consent, violence.
Sex and violence, not necessarily in that order.


South of Mexico
May 2004, 769 words. R. Richie/Seth i.e. incest.
Post-traumatic optimism.


My Iron Lung
November 2004, 1104 words. Ginny Weasley/Michael Corner, Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle. R. Warning: mentions underaged ambiguous consent.
Cigarettes and aftermaths.

Fear and Loathing in Hogwarts Library
August 2003, 277 words
Triofic. Written for the Googlism challenge. Whoops.

Smells Like Victory
June 2004, 687 words. James/Sirius. PG13. WARNING: NOBODY DIES AND SOMEONE TAKES A SHIT.
I don't know, I think the warning makes an adequate summary.

July 2004, 2138 words. Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Bill. R.
'might have been a while/since you've been loved/like you should be loved.' -emiliana torrini, "summerbreeze"
And then Vengari did fanart omg!: #1, #2

March 2005, 1692 words. Pansy Parkinson, PG.
Post-war. Might've possible been jossed, I don't remember. "Pansy is running away to the other side of the world."

August 2003, 149 words
Hermione and the thestrals.

War Stories
June 2004, 760 words. Ron/George. PG13. Warning: death, incest.
"Maybe they've become invisible." Warfic. Possibly sort of jossed.


What Happens in Vegas
March 2009, 768 words. Eliot/Nate. R.
Written for the prompt 'Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, Las Vegas'

Faster, Pussycat!
May 2009, 631 words. Ensemble. PG.
A handful of facts about the time Parker got turned into a ceramic cat.


The Sixth Commandment
Spring 2002, 3010 words. Ralph. PG. Warning: death, violence.
Rewriting the last chapter. Yes, I wrote this for a high school English assignment.


Just Lie Back and Think of Camelot
November 2008, 1006 words. Arthur/Merlin. R. Spoilers for episode 4.
Or, "Four Ways Merlin is a Crap Servant and One Way He Isn’t Oh, Who Are We Kidding. Five. Five Ways."

The Ink Still Drying
March 2009, 4904 words. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen. R.
Futurefic in which Merlin begins to remember the future, Morgana reaches for her destiny, Arthur is kind of dense, and Gwen isn't an idiot.

Character Motivation
Merlin/Merlin RPF. February 2009, 15400 words. NC17. Merlin/Bradley James, mentions of Merlin/Arthur & Bradley/Colin. Warning: spoilers for episodes 4, 7, 10, & 13; strangeness. This began as a short thing for the Porn Battle, then it took on a life of its own and became Rather Bizarre.
Bradley James is stuck in the 'Merlin' universe.

A Lever and a Place to Stand
January 2010, ~12000 words. Arthur/Merlin + ensemble. R. Warnings: canon deaths, recreational drug use.
Modern day AU. When a peaceful march for the equal rights of magicians ends badly, Merlin is forced to hide out in the apartment of law student Arthur Pendragon.

Only a Model
February 2009, 785 words. Ensemble. PG.
'Merlin' meets 'Monty Python & the Holy Grail'. Camelot is a silly place.

February 2009, 953 words. Ensemble. And ZOMBIES. Rated Z, for ZOMBIES.
The night the zombie apocalypse came to Camelot.

Doing It Wrong
February 2009, 336 words. Merlin/Arthur. PG13.
The one where Merlin is bad at dirty talk.

The Family Business
April 2010, ~2100 words. An artword collaboration with [personal profile] gwen. Arthur, Morgana. PG13. AU fusion with season 1 of 'Supernatural'.
When Uther disappears on a case, Arthur comes for Morgana at Oxford, and they fall back into the life she tried to leave behind. ~2100 words

Halcyon Days
April 2009, 3923 words. Merlin, Will. PG.
Merlin and Will from the past to the beginning.

Wait in the Fire
March 2010, ~2800 words. Mordred, Morgana, ensemble. PG.
Mordred, through his own eyes and other people's trepidations.

A Taste For Steel
January 2009, 742 words. Morgana. G.
Eight facts about a girl and her sword.

the only things that echo
May 2009, 1666 words. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana-ish, Lancelot/Gwen-ish. R.
Futurefic. Comings and goings at Camelot as destiny closes in.

Ye Shall Not Surely Die (The Ascension Remix)
July 2009, 2142 words. Dragon/Hunith, Nimueh. A remix of Apples by Suaine. PG13.
Walking the line between two worlds.

October 2009, 2528 words. Morgana and Gwen, plus the Merlin cast. PG. More from the fanfic writer AU.
Gwen and Morgana are university students who also write fic for a cracktastic, anachronistic, subtext-heavy show called 'Revolutions', which stars Colin Morgan as a young Karl Marx and Bradley James as a young Friedrich Engels.

Land and Bread
December 2009, 521 words. Arthur, Gwen, Lancelot, and colonial takeover. PG. The prompt was, "King Arthur and Queen Gwen conquering the rest of Albion because those other monarchs obviously don't treat their people the way a civilised leader should."
In the evening they visit Lancelot, who has spearheaded the conquest of this country, and he greets them with ale and the soft nutty cheese that is the specialty of this place.

To War
December 2009, 246 words. Pendragons. PG. The prompt: "Morgana convinces Uther that he is at war with Wales. And has been for years. And needs to give her powers to raise up and train a large army. For his war. *cough*"
The firelight reflects off her sword as she polishes it, and Morgana says, "There is no other way."

Men At Arms
November 2009, 970 words. The knights and guards of Camelot. PG. [personal profile] heathershaped gave the prompt "Clueless Guard #2/Clueless Guard #3" at a [community profile] camelot_fleet party, and then this happened.
"He wants to be heartened by Sir Leon when he tells them that Camelot needs them now more than ever, and he wants his trust in his prince to be enough, but Bedwyr wonders."

Surviving Death
September 2009, 1786 words. Nimueh, Will. G.
Will and Nimueh in the afterlife.

This Ancient House
July 2010, 475 words. Arthur, Morgana, Uther. PG.
Fanpoetry. Preseries. It starts as sibling rivalry.


King of Hearts
January 2004, 977 words. Richard/Justin. PG13.
"Richard’s power was greater than that. Whatever Richard touched became Richard's."


The Reservoir
December 2009, 2686. Narrator, best friend. PG13.
"In senior year, you and Billy cut class and drive your brother's truck to the reservoir."


Do You Dream?
June 2003, 747 words. Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter. Watch out for subtext. PG13.
"Three-fourteen in the morning: his eyes snapped open like a trap and the first thing he saw was the dark."


King of the Air
March 2004, 655 words. Billy/Elijah. PG13.
To quote the contrelamontre challenge it was written for: 'People usually associate air with a kind of light, uplifting, dreamy feel.'

Motion Blur
March 2004, 1918 words. Elijah/Viggo, Elijah/Dom. PG13.
Inaction is a form of action.

Stories About Vancouver
March 2004, 1959 words. Dom/Billy. PG13.
Reality evens out. The ground will be rushing up to meet you and the first mistake is to think this is a fall.

Before You Come Back
January 2005, 263 words. Dom/Billy. PG.
'Billy appreciates weird trivia like that.'

Departure Lounge
August 2004, 904 words. Billy/Dom, Billy/Ali. PG13.
"He highlights 'Ali,' hits the Backspace key, and types 'Dom.'"


How to Disappear Completely
July 2011, ~2700 words.
SPN RPF. Jared/Jensen. PG13.
Superhero AU. Jared loses his powers and everything changes.

Red Light, Green Light
August 2011, ~1200 words
SPN RPF. Misha/Matt. NC17.
Drunk blow jobs in a closet and also there are some mops.

Game On
June 2011, ~4000 words.
SPN RPF. Jared/Misha/Matt. NC17.
Set during some fictional con. "Your games are their games are everyone's games."

June 2011, ~690 words.
SPN RPF. Misha/Jensen-ish. PG.
Some days you want Castiel out of your head.

Nothing Up My Sleeve
April 2011, ~5100 words.
SPN RPF. Misha/Jared + ensemble (Jensen, Sebastian, Chad M., Danneel, Jeff). NC17.
Gangster AU. There are worse ways to spend a Friday night.

Terms of Stay
December 2010, ~1700 words.
SPN RPF. Misha/Jensen. R.
Based on the AU prompt: "Misha needs a greencard, Jensen needs company. They get married and attempt to learn each other's idiosyncrasies in order to fool Immigration. They learn more than either of them bargained for."

with friends like these
April 2009, 118 words.
Historical. Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, rated G.
After Marx fired Ruge from the cool kids' table.

got to get you into my life
January 2010, 1268 words.
Merlin. Bradley James/Angel Coulby. R.
The king and queen of Camelot, off duty. "Le perdant, c'est toi!"

gifts from father christmas!
August 2009, 144 words.
Tarantino & Co. Lucy Liu, Uma Thurman, and Quentin Tarantino. Rated G. Lucy, Uma, and Quentin stumble into Narnia.

January 2009, 144 words.
Narnia. Anna & Will, a phone call.
Disney just dropped VotDT but Anna isn't upset.

February 2004, 617 words.
Weezer. Brian Bell/Mikey Welsh. PG13.
"Brian finds it easier to focus on nouns."

May 2004, 2099 words.
Weezer. Mikey Welsh/Brian Bell. PG13.
After Mikey drops out of the band. (speed bumps)(28 days later)(blood & ink)

That Old Playground Song
January 2009, 454 words.
Narnia movies. Ben Barnes/Will Moseley. PG13.
Ben and Will sitting in a tree.

Walk Along Horizons
January 2009, 620 words.
Narnia movies. Will Moseley/Anna Popplewell/Liam Neeson. Rated NC17 for Liam Neeson being a pervbag.
"Have you forgotten the part where you kick us out of Narnia?"

Life, the Universe, and Everything
October 2004, 1253 words.
Affleckcest. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT. R. Warning for Afflecks getting it on.
"And then there is entropy."


in the end
December 2009, 94 words. Velma & Scooby, in the future. PG13. Warnings: character death.
Versus the zombie apocalypse.


certains t'ont promis la terre
December 2008, 1427 words. Colin/Mary/Dickon. PG13.
A decade later, and some things change.


February 2010, 128 words. Irene, Holmes, Watson. PG.
"It's THIS way.


an assortment of drabbles
April 2009, PG13.
Anwar and Maxxie after the series 2 finale. Michelle/Effy between series 1 and 2. Chris&Jal. Tony&Sid codependency.

not in bristol anymore
August 2009, 133 words. PG. Anwar, Chris, Jal, and Cassie.
Skins in Narnia!


Without a Map
October 2011, ~35,300 words. Dean, Castiel. PG13. Co-written with [livejournal.com profile] jaimeykay for DCBB 2011.
Set after 5x03 and before 5x04. Dean knows a thing or two about absent fathers, but he didn’t expect Castiel to ask him if he wanted to come along on the search for God. He also didn’t expect to say yes. Cue the two of them going around the world, from mountain peaks to bustling cities to subterranean caverns. They talk with prophets, angels, and deities, but they are running out of leads and running out of time. As the dead ends and red herrings pile up, so do their frustrations, testing their faith in each other and themselves.

Simple Kind of Life
August 2011, ~1600 words. Dean. PG13.
Companion piece for Interim. Dean during the missing year. "I shouldn't need a fucking spell."

Living Backwards
February 2012, ~3000 words. Castiel/Meg. R.
Goes AU after 7x02. Amnesiac!priest!Cas. “It wasn’t that he found peace, but that he found silence, which is an adequate placebo for now.“

Slipping Off the Map
August 2011, ~5000 words. Dean Smith, 2014!Cas. PG13.
Written for Summergen 2011. Set after the events of 2014!5x04 and Sandover!4x17. "It's no one's world, man. There is no world. It ended, or did you miss that memo?"

Light Keeps Passing Through
September 2011, ~2200 words. Dean/Cas, Sam. R.
Set after the events of 'My Bloody Valentine'. "It's not so impossible."

Over Our Heads
May 2012, ~3300 words. Lisa/Castiel, R.
Starts after 'You Can't Handle the Truth' and continues from there. "Lisa wasn't really praying. She was just exhausted and lonely, and she didn't really believe anyone was listening."

June 2012, ~2000 words. Dean/Castiel, R.
5x04verse. Dean and Cas take a break from searching for this Camp Chitaqua they've heard so much about.

Give Up the Ghost
September 2011, ~400 words. Dean/Castiel. PG13.
6x03 coda. "I am familiar with the distance between us, for better and worse."

A Prayer for Fire
July 2012, ~50,000 words. Castiel/Anna, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean, brief Dean/Ruby. R.
Co-written with [livejoural.com profile] zempasuchil for the 2012 Big Bang Challenge. Season 4 AU. Sam will do anything to get Dean back from hell, so when an angel comes to him promising to raise his brother from perdition, Sam agrees to become Castiel's vessel in exchange. Castiel has his own motives for taking this assignment: he's heard a familiar static on angel radio and wants to find his fallen sister. As he works to stop the apocalypse, Dean grows closer with the angel who both saved him and took his brother hostage, but they have their own battles to fight, their own longings to overcome, and both pairs of siblings have their own pasts to escape.

And Yet, Alas, I Invoke You
September 2011, ~500 words. Dean/Castiel(ish). PG, I guess.
Poetry-ish. "This is a common mistake."

May 2011, ~400 words. Dean/Castiel(ish). PG, I guess.
Poetry-ish. I'm not sure what this next thing is. It's gen and kinda weird. I think it's trying to be a 6x22 episode coda, but mostly it's my theology angst trying to co-opt Dean and Castiel for its own nefarious purposes.

First Watch
September 2011, ~1000 words. Dean Smith/2014!Cas. NC17.
Porny outtake from Slipping Off the Map.

Dry Bones
July 2011, ~4100 words. Claire/Castiel, Jimmy, Amelia. R. Warnings: Highlight to read. Violent imagery, self-harm, animal cruelty, character death, incestuous-by-proxy necrophilia.
Skeleton!Castiel AU. Claire has an imaginary friend and violent tendencies, not necessarily in that order.

The Evening Splits in Half
August 2011, ~1700 words. Sam/Dean. NC17. Warning: masturbation fantasies containing dubious consent.
"Sam has a catalog of images."

May 2011, ~1700 words. Castiel, Dean (plus Braedens, Rachel, Crowley). PG13. Spoilers for 6x20.
Set during the year before S6.

Not On Any Map
May 2011, ~330 words. Castiel, Dean. 6x20 reprise.
You are not each other's assumptions.

If Thine Eye Offend Thee
June 2011, ~3900 words. Sam/Dean, Castiel, Ruby. R.
If Dean deserves to be saved, maybe Sam does too. Set during the time period from 4x01 through 4x07.

Vanishing Point
May 2011, ~3000 words. Balthazar/Castiel, Sam. R.
"Perhaps they are not lessons; perhaps they are preemptive strikes."

some thoughts
June 2011, 570 words. Castiel and Dean. PG.
on elephants, myths, alternate universes, and the weather.

June 2011, ~470 words. Dean/Lisa. PG13.
Set early during the year between S5 and S6.

Wait for the Sound
June 2011, ~1600 words. Jimmy/Amelia, Claire. R.
Set at some point in the future. Jimmy Novak comes home.

Signal To Noise
June 2011, ~1900 words. Sam, Dean, Bobby. PG13.
Missing scenes from 6x20, on the way to and at Ellsworth's.

Above Us Only Sky (The Golden Age Remix)
May 2010, 2005 words. Anna. PG13.
Set between 4.10 and 4.16. Anna falls back out of the wardrobe.

From the Inside
September 2010, ~2400 words. Alastair/Dean, Sam. R.
Set between 4x10 and 4x15. "Oh, my boy. Did you really think I'd let you go so easily?"

November 2010, ~4500 words. Cas/Sam, Dean, past Sam/Ruby. R.
Set in 5x04verse around 2012. Sam hunts alone, except for when he doesn't.

In God's Country
July 2010, ~5600 words. Dean, Castiel, Sam, John. PG13. Spoilers for 1x06, 4x01, S3, and 5x16.
Based on Xaara's "Castiel is Dean's imaginary friend" AU prompt. Set during Stanford era and pre-series, with bits of other seasons.

All That Glitters
April 2011, ~780 words. Dean, girl!Sam. PG13.
Set shortly after the pilot.

Winter for a Year
August 2010, ~3000 words. Amelia, Claire, Jimmy, brief Team Free Will; Amelia/Jimmy. PG. Spoilers for 4x20.
Amelia Novak after her husband's disappearance.

the heart is a ghost
March 2011, ~2700 words. Sam/Dean, Dean/OMC, Castiel. PG13.
Takes place between 5x03 and 5x04. "In a way, things were easier when he knew he was going to die."

Little Wing
July 2010, 1331 words. Uriel, Claire!Castiel. G. Spoilers for 4x01, 4x03, 4x07, and 4x16.
Episode tags for 4x01, 4x03, and 4x07 in the AU where Castiel's vessel has always been Claire Novak. 1331 words.

Fiat Lux
September 2010, ~2000 words. Jimmy, Castiel, Claire. PG.
Futurefic. The next time Castiel needs a vessel, it's Claire who says yes. Jimmy POV.

The Revolution Will Not Be Catechized
October 2010, ~2000 words. Castiel, Balthazar, Sam, Dean. PG13.
6x03 coda. Castiel between two worlds.

Bending Towards Babylon
January 2011, ~2700 words. Castiel/Balthazar, Dean. R.
His brother is returned not to him, but to himself.

Memento Mori
February 2011, ~3500 words. Claire/Castiel, Claire/Castiel/OCs, Risa. Peripheral Dean, Chuck, and Jimmy. NC17. WARNING: dubious consent, de facto incest, drug use, underage.
5x04verse. Claire lost her father for the third time when she arrived at Camp Chitaqua.

Record Skip
November 2011, ~1200 words. girl!Sam/girl!Dean. NC17.
Missing scenes from 'Mystery Spot'.

One day, suddenly
January 2012. Erased from this. Claire Novak. PG.
Claire, after the rapture.

Indonesian immigrant Winchesters written for Revenge Racebending. They follow the trail of the thing that killed their mother from West Java, Indonesia to the USA.
North for the Winter
July 2010, 590 words. G.
Pre-S1, one of the few times their father took them north in the wintertime.

Jejak Kaki
July 2010, 589 words. PG.
Early S1, brothers on the road, rediscovering. The title means 'footprints'.

January 2011, ~2000 words. G.
For the prompt, "They're the model of a modern religious family: Muslim? Jew? Mormon? Church of God with Signs and Wonders? Quiverfull? Switch it up, retell Castiel's making a trainwreck of their lives." Jimi Nasrudin and his family are Muslim Indonesian immigrants in Pontiac, Illinois.
The Future As B-Movie
March 2010, ~2100 words. Dean, Sam, Cas. PG13.
Futurefic in which Sam is at Camp Chitaqua with the rest of them. In the middle of the croatpocalypse, the vampires multiply and zero in on Cas.

Bring Out Your Dead
March 2010, ~16,800 words. Co-written with [livejournal.com profile] unoshot. Dean, Castiel. PG13. Warnings: violence, gore. Continuation of 'The Future As B-Movie'.
This future isn't much better than that other one. / Surviving the Monsterpocalypse 101 / Worst road trip ever.

Restore From Saved Draft
April 2010, ~4300 words. Becky and Castiel, co-starring Chuck, Dean and Sam. PG. Spoilers for 2.01, 2.13, 5.09, and 5.10.
So that's how Becky ends up babysitting a fallen angel with a broken arm. It's probably the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her and, considering recent events, that's saying something.

Led Zeppelin Sucks
May 2010, 494 words. Sam Wesson, Dean Smith. PG. Spoilers for 4x17.
The AU of the AU where Sam and Dean actually do take to the road together and become full-time ghostbusters.

April 2011, ~339 words. Dean/Castiel. PG13.
The past year has not been kind to either of them.

Man's Worst Friend
May 2010, 407 words. Crowley and his doggy. PG. 5x21 coda.
Written for the prompt "Crowley cuddling with his hellhounds!!"

November 2010, ~800 words. Castiel, Lisa, Dean. G.
Takes place between S5 and S6. Sometimes Castiel drops by.

Ashes, Ashes
July 2010, ~1300 words. Claire!Castiel/Dean. NC17. WARNINGS: underage, vessel noncon
5x04verse. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn prompt "This vessel is growing up and coming of age, and sometimes Castiel gives in to the urges."

In the Dark
~March 2011, Sam/Dean. 3 mins 50 secs. This is a song, not a fic.
Post-5x22. Life after Sam is still Sam all over the place.

Heaven Sent You Downstream
February 2010, Dean/Castiel, Sam. PG13. ~11,100 words.
Half casefic and half 'The End' episode tag in which Dean 1) investigates some disappearances in the mountains, and 2) finds it difficult to leave the future behind. Takes place after Castiel spirits Dean away from the motel, and before Dean meets up with Sam.

January 2010, Chuck Shurley (Chuck/Becky-ish). PG. ~1700 words.
If you're getting your gossip from God, it's kind of awkward.

Again and Again
August 2010, ~1200 words. Cas, Dean. PG13. Spoilers for 5x04.
Castiel and Dean try to find this Camp Chitaqua they've heard so much about.

Same Time, Same Place
April 2011, ~850 words. PG.
Written for the prompt: "Cas desperately needs to power up a lot and often to fight his war, and the soul of Lucifer's vessel is the most powerful one around. Sam helps him willingly, but it's still extremely unpleasant and draining."

August 2010, ~2800 words. Sam, Cas, Dean, brief Lisa. PG13.
Post-5x22. "The first time Cas pops up in the passenger seat, Sam curses and the car jerks left."

Threw You the Obvious
September 2010, ~1300 words. Dean/Cas. R. Spoilers for 5x04.
5x04verse. "Dean looks down the barrel of a gun as Cas sits on a crate and breaks up the weed."

The Men Who Stare at Croats
March 2011, ~1400 words. Zachariah, Michael. G.
Set between 5x03 and 5x04. How the zombie apocalypse was born.

Along Every Horizon
May 2011, ~1500 words. Sam. PG13. Set in a post-S6 future where Dean is dead.
Written for the prompt: "If Dean were to die on Sam now, I don’t think Sam would go crazy or vengeful or try to open hell gates or drink demon blood or anything. I think he’d even try to go on, knowing that that’s what Dean would want and really, really not wanting to fuck up Dean’s last wishes again. But I think he’d just fade, get killed by some random monster, not out of any suicidal drive, but just because he was having trouble paying attention to details like food or sleep or ravening creatures with lots of big, nasty teeth.

Wherefore the Elephant Toaster?
April 2010, 233 words. Sam, Dean, Cas. Rated H for fruit bowl.
Team Free Will gets cursed to speak in dadaist poetry.

April 2010, ~770 words. Pre-Dean/Cas. PG13. 5x04 episode tag.
Sam says yes, and Dean doesn't take it very well.

The Other Makes You Tall
April 2010, 653 words. Dean, Cas, shrooms. PG13. 5x04 episode tag.
Written for the following prompt: "5.04 'verse. The first time Castiel tries drugs after he's de-angeled doesn't go too well. Dean talks him down."

By Songs Entombed
August 2010, ~600 words. Sam/Dean. R.
4x14 coda. They haven't done this in a while.

looking at the sky
March 2010, ~1000 words. Sam, Dean. PG.
Pre-series. Sam drunk-dials Dean during his first week at Stanford.

February 2010. G. Based on the interpretation that angels are not messengers, but messages. What if Castiel were words?
515 words. Castiel, Dean, God.
from the Latin caedere meaning 'to cut'

550 words. Dean & Castiel.
once you learn a language, you are trapped by it.
River in the Road
August 2010, ~950 words. Sam/Dean. NC17.
Set in early S3. "Gotta take the hairshirt off sometimes, huh, Sammy?"

double the speed limit
March 2010, 450 words. Sam/Dean. PG13.
"Sam gets in shotgun side, Dean backs out of the motel parking lot, and they don't talk about it."

March 2010, 289 words. Sam, Lucifer, Dean. PG13.
Written for maychorian's prompt that might as well be a fic: "He has the Devil under his skin. He didn't know it would be like this. The Devil doesn't let him rest, doesn't let him sleep, doesn't let him close his eyes. And he can feel his body rotting."

The Body and the Blood
March 2010, 240ish words. Sam, God!Dean. PG.
Written for the prompt "Dean is God's vessel".

Personal Space Invasions
April 2010, ~1000 words. Dean, Cas, Sam. PG. Spoilers for 5x14.
The prompt was "Castiel gets cursed/blasted with hug!pollen/trickstered into needing hugs ALL THE TIME or else he'll die." Then I fucked it up because I am completely inept at keeping crack separate from angst. I am not as sorry as I should be.

Down to the Filter
May 2010, 1797 words. Sam, Dean. PG13.
Written for the prompt "Sam starts smoking at Stanford, a slow but inexorable climb towards addiction. He tries halfheartedly to hide it from Dean after Jess dies."

January 2010, 1642 words. Jimmy Novak (Jimmy/OFC, post-Dean/Castiel), PG13.
Futurefic. After they stopped the Apocalypse, Jimmy Novak's life goes back to normal, sort of.

your dirt removes my blindness
January 2010, 1221 words. Castiel/Dean. R. Episode tag to 5x04.
"There are a thousand things he would have done differently with Dean Winchester."

Ars Bromantica
February 2010, 1888 words. Cas/Sam, Dean. R.
College AU. "It's not like everyone deals with crises of faith by making out with their roommate's brother in the confessional, but hey, everyone's different, right?"


Deux Ex Machina
November 2003, 671 words. Rogue/Jean, PG.
Rogue and her bruises.


This Side of the Sun
June 2003, 1849 words. Bobby/Rogue, implied Rogue/John/Bobby, PG13.
"So you're not cracking?" John, Rogue, and a rendezvous. Post-X2.

2:30 AM
August 2003, 717 words. John/Rogue, PG13.
When Bobby and Piotr refuse to put up with his late night excursions, John has to find another way into his room. Written for the 'love without being obvious' prompt.

Shadow Friendly
September 2003, 1082 words. John. PG.
Post-apocalypse fic. The end of the world and the places where we grow strong. Post-X2. Post-everything.

June 2003, 3149 words. John/Bobby, PG13.
Post-X2. Being lost in Venice. It's preferable to being lost in other things, sometimes.

August 2003, 100 words. Bobby. G.
Bobby's hidden talent.

Option E
September 2003, 2154 words. Bobby/John, PG13.
Bobby has identity issues. John is weirded out.

September 2003, 485 words. Bobby, John. G.
See title.

Make Your Own Olympus
August 2003, 1180 words. John, PG.
"For the first time since he changed sides, standing between Bigfoot and proof that dinosaurs once roamed the earth, Pyro felt out of his depth." Post-X2.

The Water Is Fine
July 2003, 700ish words. Kurt/Ororo. G.
Post X2. Kurt arrives at the mansion.


July 2004, 905 words. Julio/Tenoch/Luisa. R.
especially when


our god is a distant god
July 2008. 1212 words. Philippines/Spain, Philippines/USA. PG.
"Il faut changer pour rester le même." --Sartre


The Continuous Way
Jul 2011, ~2100 words
Supernatural/Infernal Affairs. Castiel, Yan; PG13.
An angel and an undercover cop walk into a bar.

Salva Veritate
September 2008, 897 words
Narnia/Harry Potter. Susan Pevensie/Tom Riddle, PG13. Warning: spoilers for The Last Battle.
Post-TLB. Magic is a blessing and being different can be a tool of power.

So Deep a Sound
January 2012, ~1200 words.
Boondock Saints/SPN. Murphy, Connor, Claire Novak. PG13.
The brothers pick up a third (fourth?) passenger.

Before, After, and Now
December 2009, 2217 words
Harry Potter/Merlin. Merlin/Arthur-ish, Harry/Draco-ish, Blaise/Draco/Pansy; rated R. Spoilers for the HP series, I suppose. Not very epilogue-compliant.
Merlin is reincarnated as Harry, and Arthur as Draco. This is one life where things aren't as smooth. Set a couple of years post-Deathly Hallows.

Winds To Catch
April 2010, ~1300 words.
Narnia/Mary Poppins. Susan Pevensie, Mary Poppins. G.
"'Come with me,' Mary says, and Susan doesn't hesitate because this is the second chance she thought she'd already lost alongside everyone who could give it to her.' Co-written with [personal profile] be_themoon and [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis.

The Handmaids of Fate
November 2008, 310 words
Narnia/Merlin. Aslan, the Dragon. G.
“We meet again, old friend.”

From Another Country
October 2008, 760 words
Narnia/Stardust. Caspian/Dunstan Thorne. PG13.
"The years have left their marks on both of them, inside and out." Co-written with [personal profile] fahye.

Two Prats Are Better Than One (?)
January 2009, 483 words
Merlin/Harry Potter. Merlin/Arthur/Draco. NC17.
Written for the prompt "Arthur/Merlin/Draco, brat" at Porn Battle VII.

In the Waiting Line
October 2009. 979 words.
Narnia/Skins. Edmund/Effy. R
"She takes Edmund far from the world without engulfing him in her own."

Splinching People, Cursing Things
March 2010, ~1000 words of CRACKITY CRACK.
Supernatural/Harry Potter. Dean, Cas, ensemble. PG13.
Three times Cas was an utter dorkwad at Hogwarts, and one time he wasn't.

memories of memories and thoughts of thoughts
January 2009, 200 words.
Merlin/Narnia. Merlin & the Pevensies. G.
Merlin has seen things change over a thousand years.

A Guide to Modern Living
April 2004, 3139 words
Gossip/Boondock Saints. Travis/Connor. R. This story happens after Gossip, after Boondock Saints. This story happens after a lot of things.
Everybody's lost in New York.

once a king
December 2009. 115 words.
Where the Wild Things Are/Narnia. Susan and Max, post-WWTA. Rated G.
Quoth [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire, "How about the AU where Susan is Max's mother?"

The First Rule of Hunting
January 2010. 183 words.
Fight Club/Supernatural. The narrator, Marla Singer. PG13.
"I'm as sane as any of the other hunters out there."

How He Did
February 2010, 142 words.
Merlin/Sherlock Holmes. Uther, Gaius, Holmes, Watson. G.
The question is not whether Tristan du Bois has risen from the dead.

Consider the Jellyfish
February 2010. 118 words.
Supernatural/Spongebob Squarepants. Sam, Spongebob. G.
Spongebob cheers Sam up during the end times.

Enjoy the Silence
July 2004. 791 words.
Affleckcest, Boondock Saints-cest, Elephant slash. R.
A study of dead air in three movements.

Another Shore (people they never loved)
July 2009. 997 words.
Narnia crossed over with Skins, Harry Potter, and Merlin. Edmund/Effy, Edmund/Hermione, Edmund/Luna, Nimueh/Jadis-ish. PG.
A series of drabbles written for the 'things I'll never write' meme.

3-sentence fics, multifandom
Does what it says on the tin! Originally posted here.


Halo Above My Head
June 2003, 495 words. Oz/Kevin. R.
The fic was inspired by one of the deleted scenes on the DVD where Finch, Oz, and Jim visit their old high-school, deserted for summer hols, to either reminisce or lure Kevin out of sulkitude. I'm not sure, the context wasn't clear.

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