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Those golf clubs the Campbells found in the Braedens' closet.
Dean, golf, and Sid )

Why Dean didn't have peach fuzz in purgatory.
Dean/Benny-ish overtones )
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I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas. You should too! Oct 31 is the last day to sign up, so hop to.

For now, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN. Apologies if you've seen this before. I'm reposting for purposes of archival and possible further ramblings. Don't get me wrong, I love the Kevin we have now, and my heart shatters rainbowly at how badass being on his own has forced him to become, but I still wonder how things could’ve gone down if Sam had answered Kevin’s calls. )
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1) purgatory: how might it work?
2) s8 arc speculation
3) fics you should write for me immediately

spoilers )
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THIS WEEK'S EPISODE OF SPN WAS SUPERAWESOME AND FEEL FREE TO TALK ABOUT IT TO ME IN COMMENTS, but this post is about Dean/Mary because [personal profile] mumblemutter reminded me of my inclinations and I was gonna reblog it with the conversation [personal profile] destronomics had on the subject one time, but I don't know how to do lj-cuts on tumblr so instead of being not lazy and learning how, I'm just gonna post it here, plus further thoughts. I've removed the OMGGGGG and AAAAAAAAHHHH from the transcript for easier reading.

The 4x03 AU where Dean is stuck in 1973 indefinitely. )

I'm sorry I have no scruples when Matt Cohen, Amy Gumenick, and Jensen Ackles are so sexy. :(
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1. I have a new Samsung 10-inch notebook! Yaaaay, portability. Yaaaay, working battery. I type this post from it right now! I'm not really the type to name my machines. My last laptop was named THE INFERNAL MACHINE just so Windows will ask me "Are you sure you want to shut down THE INFERNAL MACHINE?" Maybe I will name this one Claire though.

2. SPN SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HFSKJHFKLDSHFS

3. VID REC: Iron by LittleMissJigsaw23. CASTIEL/REGRETTABLE THINGS OTP. LOL YOU KNOW WHAT'S FUN? Watching this vid and then watching Lola's Nowhere to Stop, REPEAT. By fun we mean 'weeping oceans of tears into copious amounts of alcoholic beverage', right? I'm glad we agree.

4. ANOTHER VID REC: Long Way Down by Heathyr, focusing on the motif of water in the show throughout the series. Like the previous vid, it chose a really fitting song with a driving rhythm, and the marriage of scenes and song is jklfjdlsffd perfection.

5. I have feels about Downton Abbey and Frozen Planet (and Matt/Misha nature documentarian AU, thanks [livejournal.com profile] zeitheist) and the SONS OF ANARCHY FINALE OMG but first I will finish this sangria and eat this sapin-sapin, but hey what about the one where after 7x02, Cas [protofic ramblings mostly the fault of Annie and Lui] )
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The CWRPF rarepair commentfic meme is still going strong. If you guys are at all interested in Genevieve/Aldis, Jared/Mark Pellegrino, Misha/Stephen Colbert, and other such awesome things, come check it out. :)

Other things that are upon us: SPN FEMSLASH WEEK, from Nov 25 to Dec 2. Details are here. Granted, it's mostly on tumblr, but the femslash fic contest is also on LJ at [livejournal.com profile] spnfemslashweek.

And now, the big question. WHICH FEMSLASH SHOULD I DO? )

Remind me at some point to write down feelings about Parks & Recreation, The Good Wife, and identification/affirmation because oh mannnnn <333. In H50 news, WHERE ARE ALL THE CHIN/KONO AND STEVE/CHIN FICS?
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The writing mojo's been MIA lately, so mostly I've been doing stuff like posting DCBB "missing scenes" and visual references under the DCBB tag, and scrolling wistfully through my SPN pictures folder and using them as prompts for gangsterverse.

gangsterverse: a day in the life )
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1. Cat made a graphic for Dry Bones (Claire/skeleton!Castiel AU, R), and she's letting me use it as a banner. Thanks, Cat!

2. Brass Ceiling by [livejournal.com profile] kalliel | Gwen | R | 4200 words
Outsider POV of Gwen Campbell. I like how it feels like Gwen herself has become mythical, something that the nameless narrator can't quite figure out amid the smoke and mirrors.

3. I said to myself I'd take a break after writing DCBB but, fandom, you are making it very hard.


Q: Am I allowed to write RPS (Jensen/Misha) instead of Dean/Castiel?
A: Yes, you're allowed to write RPS (Jensen/Misha) or Dean/Castiel in this challenge. We also allow participants to write a mix of the two, e.g. Jensen/Cas, Dean/Misha, Cas/Misha, etc. Dean/Jimmy is also fair game.

If we can Cas/Misha, then obviously we can Jensen/Dean, which coincidentally I have a head start on. I'm not really sure why Dean/Jimmy is also fair game, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. Does that mean we can also Jensen/Jimmy and Misha/Jimmy? Hell, what if we just straight-up Cas/Cas and Jensen/Jensen? IT IS AN ARMADA OF MISHA'S FACE/JENSEN'S FACE AND I AM LIKE FJLKSHFJKSHFLKSJHFKL.

I'm thinking of doing Jensen/Misha set in the same 'verse as Nothing Up My Sleeve (Jared/Misha gangster AU, NC17), but more Coppola than Guy Ritchie. Dean/Jensen fourth-wall mindfuckery is also delicious though. Speaking of which: the one where Misha is a writer and Jensen is the character he writes, and it gets a little Pygmalion/Galatea, but mostly it is [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth (which is still going on, BTW). ETA: Link fixed and actually leads to horror meme now and not random A-Ha video. Sorry about that!

Really I shouldn't be signing up for anything at all, but earlier I asked myself, "Dean Smith/Misha Collins?" and the stars began to fall.
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In addition to [livejournal.com profile] weatheredlaw, I would also like to blame [personal profile] callowyn, [livejournal.com profile] skullage, and [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil. YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST AT SAVING ME FROM MYSELF. :(

Anyway, here is the rambling synopsis/outline (...outlinefic?) for a 'verse I don't have time to write. WW2 AU, Pacific theater. Sam/Dean pining, Dean/Castiel-ish probably sort of maybe, Victor, Bobby-ish, PG13, character death.

It's a 4500-word outline, on account of how it keeps trying to be real fic.

I'm not really a man of faith, sir. )
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I keep on meaning to make reaction posts to Fringe, but they pretty much amount to :D and my overblown delight at alt!Charlie/Bug Lady Anna. (I still just want Charlie&Olivia bromance fic. NEVER FORGET.) Speaking of Julie McNiven, how delighted was I at seeing her pop up in Nikita? AND KALI TOO. The other thing I've been watching is Deadwood, and that is a great show for the "people in shows in other shows" game because omg Carlton Lassiter, Glenn Childs, Veronica Mars, and the one and only Bobby Singer, and basically I watch too much TV. God, how do I even get work done on DCBB BUT I DO SOMEHOW, SOMETIMES IT FEELS LIKE I THINK OF NOTHING ELSE, and I apologize if I have ambushed you with weird inquiries about weird things, but it is necessary! Totally.

And now, time for spoilery TV posts.

Merlin )
Deadwood )
Supernatural )
not a tv show: Limitless )

I would make a post about H50 too, but all it would contain is AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH COUSIIIIIIINNNNSSSSSS. So. Come talk to me about how the heart aches for Chin and Kono, and how it needs to be Monday already!
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1. The lovely [livejournal.com profile] jusska_89 has translated my Merlin fic, Halcyon Days (Merlin&Will; PG) into Russian! :D Thank you very much, jusska_89! <3

2. Harry Potter RPF exists, right? Because the degree to which Tom Felton ships himself with everyone is getting ridiculous. With Rupert Grint. With Matt Lewis. Look at them being criminally adorable. But let's not forget Rupert Grint's tendency to wear shirts with Dan's face on them. Didn't Rupert also wear a shirt with Tom's face on it one time? There is definitely an interview out there where Tom Felton confesses his crush on Helena Bonham Carter. Also, Tom ships Harry/Draco, and we know what they say about co-stars who are really into playing Scrabble together.

3. This is a "Mystery Spot" question, and since that's back in season 3, I don't need to LJ-cut, right? Okay. So every time Dean dies, does Sam have to live through the rest of the day, or does he just wake up immediately after every death like he's stuck in 'Waking Life'? I always thought it was the former. After Dean dies, Sam has to mope around waiting for the next day to begin again. I like that better as far as fic possibilities go. But then again, does Sam ever try NOT sleeping and trying to pass the night through to the next day? And it's still Tuesday's sunrise. Does Sam ever try to kill himself in despair, but he keeps waking up on Tuesday anyway, back from the dead?
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I have been wanting to write DJ AU since that TV Guide shoot, but the writing mojo has been sputtering lately, so I did the second-most self-indulgent thing and made Misha's setlist instead. Maybe I need a plot that isn't just "Misha plays as much Chemical Brothers as he can get away with and makes out with Jared or maybe Matt, possibly both". Sebastian's that guy who constantly requests the Vengaboys and insists that there actually was a thing called the Vengabus dance, and is genuinely surprised when his conga line doesn't work out. Better luck next time, Seb.

Anyway. Here are some songs that Misha played at Jensen's birthday bash. Jensen tried to get him to DJ for free ("Think of it as my birthday present."), and after a free and frank exchange of invectives, they settled on a greatly reduced fee ("This discount is your birthday present.") and a half-ounce of illegal substances. They shook on it.

WWDJD | back cover, tracklist, fic snippet )
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I'm mostly here to direct your attention to the time Matt wheeled Misha around on a dolly and then licked his box while Vanna-Whiting around. Okay, you two, fine, FINE, we will write all the fic about you. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Oh, I guess not, CAN'T BE TAMED. Misha, I am happily not sure what to do about your propensity for picking Matt Cohen's nose, but I am also glad you are applying the lessons you've picked up from Jared i.e. when in doubt, go for the crotch.

I have acquired an external drive! It is wholly responsible for the fruition of the following thoughts:
- Mishalecki Withnail & I fusion?
- The world always needs more Connor/Murphy!
- Why is Tom Hanniger/Jake Gray porn on my to-do list?

YOU SHOULD ALSO TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW INFERNAL AFFAIRS 2 IS REALLY SOUL-DESTROYING, and how Newsies is two barrels of lolz. For one thing, I somehow had not known it was going to be a musical. Also, shit, someone talk to me about ~*DEVOUR*~ HAHAHAHAHA WHO LET THIS MOVIE OUT WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION?


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