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Basically I shouldn't be allowed near [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic during the wee hours of morning. But, as [livejournal.com profile] lovestories so rightly put it, every fandom needs a Harry Potter AU. That is my excuse for the following 978 words of CRACKITY CRACK CRACK.

Splinching People, Cursing Things
Supernatural. Dean, Cas (Sam, Ash, Jo, Bobby). PG.
Three times Cas was an utter dorkwad at Hogwarts, and one time he wasn't.

That's the fourth time you've apparated like an inch from my face. )
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So, I've kinda avoided Psych for a while because it has THAT GUY WHO STOLE MY NAME, but uh. I'm kinda getting sucked in. I think it's because this show is OBNOXIOUSLY ADORABLE.

Speaking of getting sucked in: DEAR TUMBLR, PLEASE STOP EATING MY LIFE.

I will vindicate matters with a picspam.

awesome pictures of Harry Potter-related things )

PS: I'm still looking for a beta for this Mordred&Morgana fic, if anyone is interested. 3500ish words, PG.
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I've been twiddling with this fic since I saw the HBP movie, so maybe it's time to let it out into the world. You know how in those reincarnation fics, Merlin and Arthur talk about all the other times they were reincarnated where things didn't work out so well between them? This could be one of those times. I think this is also crackfic somehow, but I'm not sure.

Before, After, and Now
Harry Potter/Merlin. 2217 words. Merlin/Arthur...ish. Harry/Draco but not really? Blaise/Draco/Pansy! Rated R.
Merlin is reincarnated as Harry, and Arthur as Draco. Set a couple of years post-Deathly Hallows, and is perhaps not very epilogue-compliant.

There is no right or wrong in this, just that which is inevitable. )
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IDK, if hiatuses were a class, I would get a big fat F. But there are more important things! For example: porn. Specifically: porn in Australia! And the future lack thereof?! Here's what [livejournal.com profile] ineptshieldmaid has to say about it:

Minister Stephen Conroy has announced that the Australian Federal Government will be censoring our internet access, with legislation to be tabled in Parliament next year. As an Australian consumer and producer of adult content, I reject government censorship. Australian fans reject censorship. Fandom at large rejects censorship (I hope). Thus: a porn-in! A celebration of all the terrible adult content from which Minister Conroy would like to save us.
This porn-in will be taking place at both Ineptshieldmaid's dreamwidth and her livejournal.


In other news, the 3-sentence ficathon has become my favorite LJ hangout. It's perfect for my current attention span, and I'm writing in fandoms I would never write in other otherwise. So! Three-sentence fics under the cut! Some (many) of these fandoms have been crossed over with each other.

epistemology, English grammar, Harry Potter, Jonny Quest, Mary Poppins, Macdonald Hall, The Matrix, Merlin, Narnia, science, Shakespeare, & Wall*E )

I'm usually not one to be linking to College Humor, but check out Dangerous Wands, a fake trailer based on Dangerous Minds but set in the Wizarding World with Hermione Granger as Michelle Pfeiffer. ("DO I LOOK LIKE PRO-QUIDDITCH MATERIAL TO YOU?") It's utter crack basically, but UMMM now I kind of want to read the fic? It's so cracked out it came back the other way potentially compelling! What is it like for a socioeconomically disadvantaged wizard kid kicking around at the bottom of the system?! I mean, we've all seen how inept the Ministry of Magic is.

To conclude, 2 Merlinish things:
1) a ficlet I wrote for Memetime with Mordred & Morgana
2) the merlin/morgana drabble!au spam fest!
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I rewatched Gangs of New York and Kill Bill Vol. 1 this afternoon and MAN THEY ARE SO GREAT. Thing I need: fic about the life and times of William Cutting, largely involving him being a magnificent bastard (albeit a principled one) all over the place and having foe yay with Priest Vallon, who I forgot was played by Liam Neeson. I'm guilty of going "omg it's aslan!" god, leave me alone, narnia.

I'm pretty excited to watch the new Harry Potter, and from the flist's reactions, it seems I have good reason to? My friend wants to go next week, but I may not be able to hold out for that long. Harry Potter, man. Also, Draco. I was never a Tom Felton kind of girl, but then I saw that HBP movie poster holy crap, you know the one. And I was like fhkjdfhskl. ANYWAY, until then, have some Cracked.

1. 5 ways people are taking Harry Potter waaay too seriously opens with a fact that is true: "These days, the rule of fandom is anything worth doing, is worth overdoing, often to a terrifying degree." There is also this: "When is it OK to draw pictures of underage children having sex? If you have to think about the answer to that question for very long, you have apparently gotten here by badly mistyping "LiveJournal" in your address bar."

2. Speaking of LJ, Cracked even explains what this Livejournal thing is for those not in the know. "The all-female atmosphere means that 95 percent of LJ comments consist of people hugging each other, and the other 5 percent consist of people apologizing for judging someone’s Harry Potter rape fanart."

3. 5 most baffling sex scenes in the history of fanfiction. Harry Potter is on there twice (good job, HP fandom!), and I have actually read that Tom Riddle/Indiana Jones fic.

I'm always put in a bit of a tizzy when I see fandom talked about. One of the articles even mentioned the Strikethrough debacle. I'm always under the impression that fandom is this SEKRIT THING, and that modus operandi is to keep it on the DL as much as possible. Y'know, like crushes, when you were eight. People ask me what I'm writing in my notebook and I'm like DEFINITELY NOT FIC NOPE UM. Age of the geek? I bet Hardison reads fanfiction. I bet he has his favorites collected on a Delicious account.

Hey, does anyone remember the 3 Ninjas movies? Here is the Nostalgia Critic's rant on it and I was all <333333<3333 because I LOVED THESE TERRIBLE MOVIES, GUYS. Fandom secret #493: I wrote 3 Ninjas Mary Sue fic. THAT'S RIGHT.

All ya'll X-Philes on the flist, which X-Files episodes are your favorites? And which would you recommend for someone interested in moar Mulder/Scully?
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I did the "things I'll never write" meme a few weeks ago, though it was just an excuse to request the strangest prompts people can think of, because as history shows, I'll write anything. So, I wrote Peter&Jadis near the end of the Golden Age for [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard (Bed, I may still actually owe you fic, since this isn't technically Peter/Jadis), and Ororo between X2 and X3 for [livejournal.com profile] dirty_diana.

Then everyone else gave Narnia crossover prompts, so I've compiled those all here in a section subtitled 'people they never loved'.

Another Shore

- for [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire, who said Edmund/Effy (Narnia/Skins)
Neither Edmund nor Effy are surprised that their older brothers don't get along. )

- for [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis, who said Edmund/Hermione (Narnia/Harry Potter)
2 people who objected to Edmund and Hermione's relationship )

- still for [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis, who also said Edmund/Luna (Narnia/Harry Potter)
She's safe, that much is sure, but he isn't sure how she's safe: whether it's because she would believe him, or because no one would believe her. )

- for [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon, who said Nimueh/Jadis (Narnia/Merlin). With visual aid!
Nimueh whispers an incantation and the cut on her palm closes itself. )

ETA: FUCK IT. Here are two codes to start a Dreamwidth account: DRQKSWTQPJHVZAAACZU9 and QFTXMA3ZGR9NJAAACZVA. I cast them to the wind and wash my hands of them!
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You know what Merlin fandom needs and I don't need AT ALL but really want? Merlin Remix Redux. AMIRITE??

the meme where you post a line from your WIPs )

This next thing is based on my post about the possibility of Arthur coming back to fix the recession. What does it say about me that this is not the first time I wrote about the Obamas hanging out with Merlin 'n pals?
3 facts about Arthur and Barack )

I wanna do that meme where you guys tell me three things that you associate with me, and then I ramble about them in a separate post. Go!
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ALL RIGHT. I know I said I wouldn't be posting until the end of the month but CLOSE ENOUGH and ANYWAY I am doing this in the name of PORN. 'Cos if you haven't dragged your butts over to the Porn Battle then WOE BETIDE YOU. Also, if no one writes Sophie/Tess (Leverage/O11) or Mickey Bricks/Rusty Ryan (Hustle/O11), I will cry. Other interesting prompts include: Arthur/Merlin/Luke Skywalker, Arthur/Bradley James, Tim Roth/Gary Oldman, Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Anniston, Abraham Lincoln/Barack Obama, Ann Coulter/Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel/Barack Obama, and Rahm Emmanuel/Vladimir Putin. Quick, you can only participate until Feb 1! MAKE IT WORK, PEOPLE.

What a wonderful testament it is to the Merlin fandom that I wasn't the only one who suggested Merlin/Merlin RPF crossover prompts.

Two Prats Are Better Than One(?)
Merlin/Harry Potter. Merlin/Arthur/Draco. NC17.
Written for the prompt "Arthur/Merlin/Draco, brat" at Porn Battle VII.

Once Arthur and Draco got over their initial headbutting, they found themselves in a fast alliance. )
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This is how I got my name, but now I'm reading Psych fic and it's is giving me a nominal crisis. It's $15 for a rename token so FUCK THAT, and I don't want to go through the hassle of making a new account. I can just change my name without changing my account, I guess, but dammit, all these options just sound like giving in so I will do NONE OF THEM. I will stand my ground. TAKE THAT, PSYCH.

AND NOW... a drabble dump!

Narnia/HP. Post-TLB. Susan & Tom Riddle. )

Golden Age. Implied Susan/Lucy. Tumnus is smarmy and Edmund doesn't want to know. )

Post-TLB. Susan, traveling the world. )

Deleted scene from 'Crowning of a Heart'. Lucy chasing Peter through Cair Paravel's secret passageways. )

Deleted scenes from 'and sometimes you hear the silence speak':
Leaving Cair Paravel. Peter&Susan, and Edmund being a grinch. )
En route to Calormen - 2 drabbles )
Edmund&Susan shenanigans )
Edmund & Susan at the Tisroc's banquet. )
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1. A good meme: When you see this, quote Douglas Adams in your journal.
"I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons."

2. I HAVE IT I HAVE IT. I have Return to the Secret Garden by Susan Moody, and I am... quite excited! But first I have to finish rereading A Wrinkle in Time, and that's partially this Charles Wallace/Lucy fic's fault.

3. According to their respective fandom wikis, Tom Riddle and Susan Pevensie are two years apart. Which sort of brings me to my next point.

Salva Veritate
Narnia/Harry Potter. Susan Pevensie/Tom Riddle, PG13. Warning: spoilers for The Last Battle. Tip of the hat to [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard for crack and enablement.
Post-TLB. Magic is a blessing and being different can be a tool of power.

you may have noticed i'm not all there myself )
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I doubt I would enjoy a job in consulting and finance, but I figure I would go to the alumni networking fair because it is a Good Opportunity and I might Learn Something. So there I was, listening to insider tips about resumes ("they will notice if your dashes are different") and shmoozing ("NEVER stop networking"), and I thought to me, "Man, what a bunch of Slytherins. What a Slytherin event this is."

But Slytherin isn't a Thing, you know; none of the houses are. They are a How, not a What. Hogwarts ought to rotate students from house to house. The Slytherin way of thinking, the Ravenclaw way of thinking, etc. They ought to just get rid of the house system altogether.

And then there are the readings for my sociological theory class, which shouldn't really make me think of Narnia, but does.

On reconciling Narnia and England: "Feuerbach's work consists in resolving the religious world into its secular basis. He overlooks the fact that after completing this work, the secular basis and its contradictions must be understood and then, by the removal of its contradictions, revolutionized in practice. After the earthly family is discovered to be secret of the holy family, the former must then itself be criticised in theory and revolutionized in practice."
-- from Marx's Theses on Feuerbach
and in this model, would narnia be religious or secular??

My professor says, "The heartbreaking thing is that victory brings with it the destruction of identity." And sure, he was talking about the proletariat and emancipation theory, but I was thinking about Susan.
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I wrote this post-war Pansy-centric Harry Potter fic for [livejournal.com profile] contrelamontre until I realized, "Wait, this fic has no boylove at all..."

To hell with boylove and time limits for this week. Here's a story. It's my second HP fic where it calls for me to go into the details of the Muggle airplane. I associate this fic with Madonna's song 'Mer Girl'.

Harry Potter. Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott; if you want to see something, you'll see it. PG.
"Pansy is running away to the other side of the world."

Transit )


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