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I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Jensen, Jared, and Misha wrestling in their hotel rooms. Or at least they've read that kinkmeme fill. I blamed the following on [livejournal.com profile] amonitrate and [personal profile] viridian_magpie, but really if anyone took a porn prompt and turn it into fartsy 2nd-person POV claptrap, I really only have myself to blame.

Knowing me, it's probably gen. Knowing you, it's probably not. I don't know anymore.

Catch As Catch Can
RPF. J2M. 835 words. not porn :(
The wrestling fic.

I can't tell who's winning. )
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First of all, sign-ups for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas ends in about a week so get to it! Second of all, I have recs!

The Dangers of Going Native by 22to22 & deancasarelove
Supernatural | Jimmy, Leviathan, Claire, Amelia | Mature | 5904 words | warning: gore, body horror, self-harm
He’s still Jimmy Novak who has never had anything bad happen to him.
Many fics deal with the trauma of angelic possession but this is the first one I've read about the trauma of leviathan possession. I have missed fic like this, man. The writing is halfway between gorgeous and creepy. I cannot recommend this enough.

Nothing else to say by ineptshieldmaid
Inception | Robert/Saito | Mature | 807 words
The year is 2003, and Robert Fischer doesn’t recognise Tadashi Saito when he sees him.
Saito fic is so rare, which is unfortunate because he's the character I'm most interested in reading fic for, and Robert/Saito is my favorite pairing based on some elaborate post-movie headcanon I have about one or both of them descending into post-inception neurosis. So this fic was really nice to find.

Third of all, for [personal profile] switchbladesis's birthday, I wrote her fic about Ben Edlund being a muppet, because he is. I'm reposting that here.

A Very Muppet Metamorphosis
with apologies to Franz Kafka. ~900 words of gen.

One morning, as Ben Edlund was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that during his mid-morning office nap he had been changed into a muppet. )
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I'm this month's "Ask the Author" on [livejournal.com profile] spnroundtable! So if you guys got any questions about why I think Castiel is a deer with trees for antlers or something, drop on by.

In other exciting news, I can haz a [personal profile] be_themoon, at least until Monday. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

In less exciting news, I feel like I'm the only person not watching Teen Wolf these days, but this is a lie, because I have watched some Teen Wolf and can somehow discuss it at length even though I've only watched 1.5 episodes because THAT'S WHAT FANNISH OSMOSIS DOES TO YOU. THIS IS A GIFT!!

SDCC, man. Why do Jensen and Misha try so hard to make me ship Jensen/Misha? why do they do that. (why is it working)

I ACTUALLY ALSO HAVE SOME BEN EDLUND/MISHA COLLINS ~FEELINGS which at first began as like "lololol what if Misha was Ben's muse" but then Comic Con happened and then all the ~*~*CANON*~*~ where Cas is Ben's favorite character to write, and Misha can watch Ben work for hours, and Ben thinks Misha brings new life to the show, and they both think the other charming psychopaths, and they obviously adore each other omg, and then their ~creative process~ when filming 7x21 and and aaaaand now I want this RPF. Of like. Ben and Misha trolling the goddamn world and sometimes they eat Fruit Roll-Ups. supernaturallyflaccid@tumblr prompted me to write this, but I can't say I wasn't asking for it:

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Some time ago I found an old notebook of mine full of bits of fic, and it's so weird reading it, like when did I even write this? I barely have a recollection. There's Smith/Wesson on the road, post-5x22 Dean&Cas, Arthur/Morgana SPN AU in modern Britain, et cetera. Also I found an old flash drive that needs excavating and God only knows what's on that.

But instead of posting things that make sense, have a snippet of the AU where Sam and Jared are brothers. THAT'S RIGHT, Sam, Dean, and Jared are brothers who save people and hunt things. When Sam went to Stanford, Jared stuck around with Dean. This fic is set after the hypothetical pilot. Because sometimes (most times) when it's late at night and I'm chatting with [personal profile] callowyn and [personal profile] zempasuchil, things spiral out of control.

The Impala isn't big enough for three. ~850 words )

To conclude, It Usually Washes Off is a NC17 Cas/Meg fic by [livejournal.com profile] fossarian that I really enjoyed, so I rec it to you!
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The writing mojo's been MIA lately, so mostly I've been doing stuff like posting DCBB "missing scenes" and visual references under the DCBB tag, and scrolling wistfully through my SPN pictures folder and using them as prompts for gangsterverse.

gangsterverse: a day in the life )
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Just compiling some tumblr ficlets.

Mishalecki vs. Cellphone )

Godstiel(/Dean) )

Elias Finch )

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. A mini-picspam of the scene at the end of Luther 2x02, YOU KNOW WHICH I MEAN. YOU ALL WATCH LUTHER, RIGHT? You should all watch Luther.

How can it be love, John, if all it does is make you lonely and corrupt? )
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Okay, Blindfold fill #1! Prompt: "Misha/Matt- non!AU, drunk!sex, public. Matt and Misha get drunk one night at a Con and Misha decides he has to have Matt right the fuck now. Cue public sex. Wherever you want it that they can hide from the fangirls, elevators, closets, outside behind the hotel. Just don’t let them get caught!"

Sort of relatedly, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MATT COHEN??

Red Light, Green Light
SPN RPF. Misha Collins/Matt Cohen. NC17.
Drunk blow jobs in a closet and also there are some mops. ~1200 words

twice as many acts of public lechery )
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I have been wanting to write DJ AU since that TV Guide shoot, but the writing mojo has been sputtering lately, so I did the second-most self-indulgent thing and made Misha's setlist instead. Maybe I need a plot that isn't just "Misha plays as much Chemical Brothers as he can get away with and makes out with Jared or maybe Matt, possibly both". Sebastian's that guy who constantly requests the Vengaboys and insists that there actually was a thing called the Vengabus dance, and is genuinely surprised when his conga line doesn't work out. Better luck next time, Seb.

Anyway. Here are some songs that Misha played at Jensen's birthday bash. Jensen tried to get him to DJ for free ("Think of it as my birthday present."), and after a free and frank exchange of invectives, they settled on a greatly reduced fee ("This discount is your birthday present.") and a half-ounce of illegal substances. They shook on it.

WWDJD | back cover, tracklist, fic snippet )
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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] glassyskies! Here is the superhero AU you requested, and I apologize that it is a day late. Jared and Jensen ended up having more feelings than I thought. Speaking of which, you are the recipient of my first J2. J2, WE MEET AT LAST. The title is from Radiohead, because Thom Yorke kept me company as I stumbled my way through this brave new ship. Thanks, Thom. I would also like to thank [livejournal.com profile] clwright2 and [livejournal.com profile] jaimeykay for betareading. You ladies rock.

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling Skies! <333333

How to Disappear Completely
SPN RPS. Jared/Jensen. PG13.
Superhero AU. Jared loses his powers and everything changes. ~2700 words
ETA: [livejournal.com profile] froggyfun365 has recorded this story as a podfic, which you can download here. Thank you, froggyfun365!

It is a preemptive strike. )
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And then I wrote porn. IDEK. If you dislike things that are mostly about upbeat people having lots of sex, you might want to give this a pass.

Game On
SPN RPS. Matt/Misha, Jared/Misha, Matt/Jared, Matt/Misha/Jared. NC17. Warning: drug use. Thank you to [personal profile] callowyn for betareading.
Set during some fictional con. "Your games are their games are everyone's games." ~4000 words

Am I really so dastardly? )
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I wrote some Jensen/Misha for [livejournal.com profile] nyoka, the summary of which is possibly "Castiel's love for Dean is so great, it breaks fourth walls!" It's 700ish words of US(ish)T, so I just opted to post it to the comm directly. You can read it here. I await your Sebastian/Misha, Nyoka! ;)

And now for more shortfic.

Supernatural. Lisa/Dean. PG13. Spoilers through S5.
Set early during the year between S5 and S6. ~470 words

a tendency to talk in negative spaces )
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Merry Mishaleckipalooza! The following fic is a liberal interpretation of [livejournal.com profile] tooquickly's "garters and pumps" prompt, with the following 'likes' from her list - sauciness, banter, prickly Misha, handsy Jared, weirdness, and mocking from the heart. Cuddles to [livejournal.com profile] callowyn for humoring my intermittent freakouts about it. Gratitude and good vibrations to [livejournal.com profile] switchbladesis and [livejournal.com profile] viridian_magpie for betareading. Any remaining screw-ups are mine.

Nothing Up My Sleeve
SPN RPF. Misha/Jared + ensemble (Jensen, Sebastian, Chad M., Danneel, Jeff). NC17.
Gangster AU. There are worse ways to spend a Friday night. ~5100 words

Eleven o'clock and all is well in this fine city, as long as your name isn't Chad Michael Murray. )
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LOL YOU KNOW THAT FEELING YOU GET? WHEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FINISHING YOUR NOVAKFEST? But then get sidetracked with Balthazar/Castiel? And then you think to yourself, "Okay okay, FINE, I will finish the Balthazar/Castiel before it burns me up inside, and THEN I will finish my Novakfest." But then somehow, maybe because you are a fool, you think it's a good idea to wander over to [livejournal.com profile] jensen_misha's AU commentfic meme?


Terms of Stay
SPN RPF. Jensen/Misha, R.
Based on [livejournal.com profile] qthelights's prompt: "Misha needs a greencard, Jensen needs company. They get married and attempt to learn each other's idiosyncrasies in order to fool Immigration. They learn more than either of them bargained for." ~1700 words

The screen shows a Firefox window open to the Wikipedia page for 'I-1539 (form)'. )

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