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 I'm watching the Magnificent Seven and hey, don't I know that Native American actor from somewhere? Turns out it's Jonathon Joss, who played Ken Hotate in 'Parks and Rec'. The movie's rolling on in the background and I'm looking up stuff about him. He voiced John Redcorn on 'King of the Hill', but I never watched that. Here's an interesting quote:

Are the roles for Native American actors better now than when you first got into the business?

I would love to say things have changed over that time, that there are more mature Native American characters being written, but I’m not sure that’s happened. I can say that at least Native American characters are allowed to think now instead of being the old sidekicks like Tonto, where the Lone Ranger asks “Are those four men on horses?” and Tonto says, “Yes. There are four men on horses.” Our characters now are a little deeper. They’re allowed to have their own thoughts. Sometimes non-Native American writers have us doing things we wouldn’t do or saying things we wouldn’t say — stuff that’s just not in our DNA — but at least we’re getting to think now. I’m still riding horses, shooting arrows and killing white people, so a lot hasn’t changed since I got into the business, but at least it hasn’t gotten worse.

I started watching the Ken Burns 'National Parks' documentary, subtitled America's Greatest Idea. "First," it seems to say, "you get rid of all the Indians." It's a history I've been delving into with increasing purpose. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer is a beautiful book celebrating Native American relationships with the land. I found it really nourishing, with useful meditations on the concept of home. Sherman Alexie's The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is a collection of short stories with a visceral, freewheeling style. I've only known his poems before, but this anthology makes me want to delve more into his prose. (hashtag tbt but i found myself wondering if candle-beck read and loved sherman alexie, back in the day. their styles felt similar.) I recommend both these books. Kimmerer and Alexie have vastly different styles, but there is something elegiac in both their works, her longing for a golden past and his anger at the current scars.

I don't know. I'm an immigrant in this country. I've had my green card for only a year and a half, and now I find myself wanting to know more about this place, especially the parts of it history has tried to stamp out. I'm on the lookout for more works by Native Americans, so if you have recommendations, let me know.
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- At first I thought it was Scott and Derek, but no. Even better, it's SID AND GENO IN WEREWOLF AU HOCKEY PHOTO BOMB. Check out the rest of her art, folks; it's entirely delightful.

- You guys know that tumblr college hockey comic, Check Please? Mentally I've cast Torey Krug as Eric Bittle and Sasha Kostrov from Junior League as Jack Zimmerman. Greenberg of Teen Wolf is, of course, the goalie.

- Once more, fell down a Bruins fandom rabbit hole yesterday and ended up in 2012 again, and it's... so fascinating, like people making posts like "Marchand's starting to get a lot of hate from around the league..." lololololol THE BECOMING~ But also cute posts about how in love the whole Bergeron line is with each other. This is back from before the full extent of Tim Thomas's douchery was exposed, so people were still fond of him.

- broons baseball au broons baesball au bruins baseblall au bruisn baseblla. Ugh, someday. SOMEDAY.

- But despite all the fic ideas both new and usual flying around, I should batten down the hatches on my exchange fic. I wrote ~400 words of it last night, so I'm almost halfway to the minimum word count. Part of me is all "LET IT SPRAWL, MAKE A MINIBANG" but honestly, figuring out the fic has been the sprawling minibang part, so.
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lol, y'know the Krug/Marchand notfic I wrote last post? I turned it into an actual fic, because. Post-game sex and trade anxiety, y'know?

Doesn't Change Much | hockey RPF | Torey Krug/Brad Marchand | Mature | ~900 words
"There's nothing to hold on to. Soon, he suspects, there will be even less."

Also, come read the Lackadaisy webcomic, guys. It's beautifully illustrated, with clever dialogue, taking place during Prohibition in St. Louis. My favorite character is everyone, but after reading The Midnight Special by prodigy, I may have a giant soft spot for stoic, stubborn, ornery Viktor Vasko and his partnership with irascible, particular Mordecai Heller, and how good they were at--uh, getting rid of problems~ once upon a time.

And, also, thanks to the internet, I'm watching this Russian TV show on Hulu called Junior League, which is like Friday Night Lights but Russian and hockey. I'm only on episode 2, and I might watch a bunch more up in my room shortly because I like the feelings it gives me. Future Yuletide fandom? QUITE POSSIBLY.
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I wrote two fics, both of them for challenges. One was for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas and the other for [livejournal.com profile] stop_drop_howl, which is the Teen Wolf equivalent of salt_burn_porn. YES, I TEEN WOLF NOW, and it's Allison/Lydia, in keeping with my resolution to write more femslash this year.

Like a Parched Land
SPN. Dean/Castiel. NC17. Written for the following prompt: "Reverse!verse: Castiel is the Righteous Man and Dean is the angel who drags his ass out of Hell." This is an AU version of episodes 5x01 through 5x03. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] liminalliz for the excellent beta. ~8700 words

Lights Go Out
Teen Wolf. Allison/Lydia. NC17. Set between 2x10 and 2x11. "You wanna stop?" ~1900 words

I also have a few recs!

A little touch of heavenly light by dollsome
Snow White and the Huntsman. Snow White/Ravenna. T. ‘You cannot have my heart,’ you told her. Perhaps you spoke too soon. ~2000 words
The post-movie feelings I craved, and what I wished the movie tried harder to be.

que lastima pero adios by magneticwave
Teen Wolf. Erica Reyes, with some Erica/Boyd and other ships, but mostly just about Erica. M. Erica has gone from one kind of outcast to another; but once, where she was strung out in a galaxy on her own, light-years from everyone else, she’s now part of a solar system of outcasts, rotating around the sun of their Alpha. ~13800 words
Erica's pre-werewolf life is so wonderfully drawn, and I am all wibbly over her relationship with her family and especially her mother. This fic fleshes out Erica's inner life so beautifully.

Red Right Hand by cupidsbow
SPN vid. Dean/Castiel. PG15. "On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man." 79 MB.
This is my DCSS gift, and it is delightfully creepy and ominous. Santa knows me well. When it comes to this song, I usually think of Castiel having the red right hand, but this vid wonders what if they both have red right hands?

In other news, I've been unable to stop puking rainbows and puppies ever since I watched the SPN 8x10 webclip. Next week is so far awaaaay.
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FIC REC: Almost No One Makes It Out by atrata
Iron Man. Tony, Pepper, Rhodey, Obadiah Stane. 28099 words.
What would have happened if Tony hadn't been born filthy rich? A military AU.

Suhair prompted me to write Risa/Cassie Robinson in 5x04verse, but instead I got as far as some prose and some rambling about what the fic would have been had I any kind of follow-through. I had more fun with the prompt than I expected, for a croatverse value of 'fun'. My new year resolution is gonna be to write more femslash. Anyway, this takes place after the sanatorium raid. It also has some Claire Novak because Claire Novak should be in all the things.

Risa survives. )
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I wrote some Dean/Lisa ages ago that I cleaned up and reposted.

Of All the Doorways in the World
SPN. Dean/Lisa, set between S5 and S6. ~900 words. PG.
“Perhaps there is a life here of not being afraid of your own heart beating.” -Bernadette Meyer

Also I have a couple of fic recs.

A Crash Course in Someone Else's History by scaramouche
SPN. Dean/Castiel-ish. S6 AU. 11527 words. PG.
Castiel is captured inside a trapping circle of holy oil set by Dean and Sam Winchester. The brothers call him "Cas", claiming that he has amnesia and that he is obligated to help them take down Crowley to atone for his betrayal of them. It's the strangest story Castiel's ever heard, and one he doesn't have time for because he's only just raised Dean from Hell and has work to get back to.

Velvet Glove by scioscribe
Skyfall. M, Bond. Alternate ending. 908 words. PG.
M was many things (too many things), but she wasn't, and never had been, a fool.
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First of all, sign-ups for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas ends in about a week so get to it! Second of all, I have recs!

The Dangers of Going Native by 22to22 & deancasarelove
Supernatural | Jimmy, Leviathan, Claire, Amelia | Mature | 5904 words | warning: gore, body horror, self-harm
He’s still Jimmy Novak who has never had anything bad happen to him.
Many fics deal with the trauma of angelic possession but this is the first one I've read about the trauma of leviathan possession. I have missed fic like this, man. The writing is halfway between gorgeous and creepy. I cannot recommend this enough.

Nothing else to say by ineptshieldmaid
Inception | Robert/Saito | Mature | 807 words
The year is 2003, and Robert Fischer doesn’t recognise Tadashi Saito when he sees him.
Saito fic is so rare, which is unfortunate because he's the character I'm most interested in reading fic for, and Robert/Saito is my favorite pairing based on some elaborate post-movie headcanon I have about one or both of them descending into post-inception neurosis. So this fic was really nice to find.

Third of all, for [personal profile] switchbladesis's birthday, I wrote her fic about Ben Edlund being a muppet, because he is. I'm reposting that here.

A Very Muppet Metamorphosis
with apologies to Franz Kafka. ~900 words of gen.

One morning, as Ben Edlund was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that during his mid-morning office nap he had been changed into a muppet. )
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Out on the Wire by LithiumDoll | Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | gen, ensemble | teen & up | 60,800 words
I know some people are like "bring back Firefly!" and "bring back Arrested Development!" but the Sarah Connor Chronicles is my Arrested Firefly, man. This fic feels like the season 3 that could've been. It does with T:SCC what I think Apocrypha (aka BEST SPN FIC EVER) did with Supernatural in that it ties up all these loose ends so nicely, and in such a satisfying way.

Buoyancy by ethrosdemon | Teen Wolf | Danny/Stiles | R | 14,548 words
Who isn't drinking the Teen Wolf kool-aid these days. The pairing wouldn't even occur to me but I'd pretty much follow ethrosdemon's fic into hell and beyond, so, gave it a shot. WORTH IT. There's an awareness and refreshing sociability to the Danny voice that is just DELIGHTFUL, I mean this Danny is a GREAT PERSON and he's so chill and has such candor and I want to hang with him always? There's a part 1/4 into the fic that is simultaneously tragic and hilarious, and I LOL'd as my heart broke, and I have great admiration for any writer who can balance that kind of mood whiplash. Thoroughly absorbing.

In other news, I wrote another 8x02 episode coda, prompted by Pri. It's 400ish words of gen. Warning for shmoop. (Shmangst?)

Shifting gears to fairy tales, because Fables (spoilers through issue 94-ish). I am enjoying this series, but I have brief questions and complaints. )
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[livejournal.com profile] chibifrieza COVERED MY WINCEST SONG


LISTEN TO IT then tell her she rocks. There's a download link there too! AAAAHHH I AM STILL ALL A-FLUTTER. If you didn't like the original, you might like Chibifrieza's arrangement because she does quite different things with it and also oh my god the voice on that woman, christ.



Tons of Feels by [livejournal.com profile] xenoamorist | SPN/House of Leaves fusion | NC17 | 6000 words
Chuck discovers an essay Becky wrote about Wincest.

Chuck is Johnny Truant, Becky is Zampano, and the house is Wincest. Cas is the minotaur, SUCH PERFECTION. The format of the book is weirdly conducive to fangirl feels. Like, really conducive. I recommend downloading the PDF for the full visual effect.
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OMG SO. [livejournal.com profile] twasadark recorded Bring Out Your Dead and it's prologue/prequel, The Future as B-Movie as podfics! You can download the files here. Thank you, twasadark!

This is one of those fics that never would've been written were it not for a commentfic prompt, and Uno and I are forever grateful to [livejournal.com profile] maychorian for letting us take her prompt and run with it hard and fast, cackling maniacally. Croatpocalyptic road trip gen h/c, if you're into it. Plus vampires.


I haven't watched SPN 7x18 yet, but I have some 7x17-related recs. I'll put them behind a cut for spoilers.

1 fic rec, 2 meta recs, brief thoughts )


I'm also into The Sopranos like a billion years too late. Damn, that shit is bleak, I can't take too much of it at a time. I can't help but wonder if it had had a fandom then like fandoms work now, what it'd be like. I bet there'd be a lot of Christopher apologism hahahaha DX. If the characters were younger and prettier, I bet there'd be slash up the wazoo. I am also watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles and am already dreading running out of episodes, MAN. It keeps giving me things I never knew I needed. why did they cancel this show.

But another thing about The Sopranos: they keep playing all the classic rock songs that SPN used in Tony's strip club. I get cognitive dissonance. Brother feelings? DENIED. JERSEY MOBSTER SKEEVINESS WHILE TOPLESS WOMEN GYRATE IN THE BACKGROUND.


Also I am co-writing a Big Bang with [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil. It's an S4 AU where Cas's vessel is Sam, and it's not gen.


I'm 83 pages into Carlos Ruiz Zafon's "The Angel's Game" and I'm really loving his style, or at least the translation. The blurb had me at "dark gothic Barcelona", "pulp fiction writer", and something called "the Cemetery of Forgotten Books". It sounds foreboding and it gets pretty grim, but I am also delighted at the author's self-deprecating humor. Here's a short quote:
Don Basilio was a forbidding-looking man with a bushy mustache who did not suffer fools and who subscribed to the theory that the liberal use of adverbs and adjectives was the mark of a pervert or someone with a vitamin deficiency. Any journalist prone to florid prose would be sent off to write funeral notices for three weeks. If, after this penance, the culprit relapsed, Don Basilio would ship him off permanently to the 'House and Home' pages. We were all terrified of him, and he knew it.

"Did you call me, Don Basilio?" I ventured timidly.
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First, [livejournal.com profile] 22by7 has been posting some awesome A:TLA fanart. I am particularly fond of this Aang/Katara/Zuko (NSFW-ish) and old!Katara and old!Zuko.

Next, I don't have polling capabilities, so we're gonna do this the old-fashioned way.

1) Do a picspam comparing Supernatural's "The End" and Sanctuary's "Pavor Nocturnus" because SERIOUSLY NOW AHAHAHA
2) make Kill Bill screencaps. O-REN ISHII MAFIA BOSS OF MY HEART <3
3) Frozen Earth picspam!
4) ...the hell is up with this picspam craze? Write Jimmy/Jacob.
5) You told Annie and Lui you'd write the amnesia!priest!Cas/Meg road trip fic already, so do that.
6) What if original fiction? WHAT IF.
7) Have you not been threatening to write Chin/Kono for like forfuckingever now?
8) the one where Let Me In is a Claire AU
9) Morgana/Gwen as Hades/Persephone fusion
10) Do the dishes, you bum.

Here is a related meme: Tell me about a story I haven't written and I'll give you 1-3 sentences of or about it. FUCK YOU, DISHES.

Also, I am stocking up on as many movies and TV shows as I can before I go back to the old country next month, so if you have any recs, I would appreciate it! I like: creepy children, moral ambiguity, the apocalypse, The Godfather, stories about stories within stories etc., assassins, doppelgangers, wacky heists, musicals, fourth-wall fuckery, theology angst, desolate landscapes, surrealism, and repurposed fairy tales. :D?
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1. I have a new Samsung 10-inch notebook! Yaaaay, portability. Yaaaay, working battery. I type this post from it right now! I'm not really the type to name my machines. My last laptop was named THE INFERNAL MACHINE just so Windows will ask me "Are you sure you want to shut down THE INFERNAL MACHINE?" Maybe I will name this one Claire though.

2. SPN SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HFSKJHFKLDSHFS

3. VID REC: Iron by LittleMissJigsaw23. CASTIEL/REGRETTABLE THINGS OTP. LOL YOU KNOW WHAT'S FUN? Watching this vid and then watching Lola's Nowhere to Stop, REPEAT. By fun we mean 'weeping oceans of tears into copious amounts of alcoholic beverage', right? I'm glad we agree.

4. ANOTHER VID REC: Long Way Down by Heathyr, focusing on the motif of water in the show throughout the series. Like the previous vid, it chose a really fitting song with a driving rhythm, and the marriage of scenes and song is jklfjdlsffd perfection.

5. I have feels about Downton Abbey and Frozen Planet (and Matt/Misha nature documentarian AU, thanks [livejournal.com profile] zeitheist) and the SONS OF ANARCHY FINALE OMG but first I will finish this sangria and eat this sapin-sapin, but hey what about the one where after 7x02, Cas [protofic ramblings mostly the fault of Annie and Lui] )
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1. Cat made a graphic for Dry Bones (Claire/skeleton!Castiel AU, R), and she's letting me use it as a banner. Thanks, Cat!

2. Brass Ceiling by [livejournal.com profile] kalliel | Gwen | R | 4200 words
Outsider POV of Gwen Campbell. I like how it feels like Gwen herself has become mythical, something that the nameless narrator can't quite figure out amid the smoke and mirrors.

3. I said to myself I'd take a break after writing DCBB but, fandom, you are making it very hard.


Q: Am I allowed to write RPS (Jensen/Misha) instead of Dean/Castiel?
A: Yes, you're allowed to write RPS (Jensen/Misha) or Dean/Castiel in this challenge. We also allow participants to write a mix of the two, e.g. Jensen/Cas, Dean/Misha, Cas/Misha, etc. Dean/Jimmy is also fair game.

If we can Cas/Misha, then obviously we can Jensen/Dean, which coincidentally I have a head start on. I'm not really sure why Dean/Jimmy is also fair game, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. Does that mean we can also Jensen/Jimmy and Misha/Jimmy? Hell, what if we just straight-up Cas/Cas and Jensen/Jensen? IT IS AN ARMADA OF MISHA'S FACE/JENSEN'S FACE AND I AM LIKE FJLKSHFJKSHFLKSJHFKL.

I'm thinking of doing Jensen/Misha set in the same 'verse as Nothing Up My Sleeve (Jared/Misha gangster AU, NC17), but more Coppola than Guy Ritchie. Dean/Jensen fourth-wall mindfuckery is also delicious though. Speaking of which: the one where Misha is a writer and Jensen is the character he writes, and it gets a little Pygmalion/Galatea, but mostly it is [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth (which is still going on, BTW). ETA: Link fixed and actually leads to horror meme now and not random A-Ha video. Sorry about that!

Really I shouldn't be signing up for anything at all, but earlier I asked myself, "Dean Smith/Misha Collins?" and the stars began to fall.
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INSTA-REC: Apocrypha by [livejournal.com profile] sophiap
R. Gen + John/Mary. ~117,000 words
This is a story that takes place before and between the lines of the Winchester Gospels. It starts in a hospital in Sioux Falls and with a landmine in Vietnam. It starts when two people inexplicably fall in love on the eve of the Great Depression and when a man kills himself at a California reservoir. It starts with a phone call from a man who knows too much, and with a memory of a murder that never happened. This is the story of how John Winchester learned the truth, piece by shattered piece, and how that truth did not set him free.

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS FIC. Look, I have a terrible attention span for longfics, and this is easily the longest fic I have ever read with rapt attention from beginning to end. Also it is instantly on my list of Top 10 SPN Fics EVER. I put this on my AO3 rec list with a note just saying "IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW".

This fic takes on the ambitious project of connecting canon from all six seasons and connecting it to pre-series goings-on, namely John's quest for answers and revenge. Fandom has a tendency to sort itself into pre-S4 and S4-onwards factions, but this fic does a great job showing that, really, it is all the same story. The fic takes the dusty backroads feel I usually associate with hunter-centric fics and contextualizes it within the epic hellfire and metaphysical horror I associate with apocalypse/angel-centric fics. There's a lot of things in canon that I don't usually see mix in fanfic - Bill Harvelle, Anna's fall, Missouri, Chuck's books, John's time in Vietnam, Gabriel, beautiful and heartbreaking John/Mary that acknowledges the Cupid issue, etc. - and this story mixes them all in such a way that I'm just like CANNOT UNSEE, and omg so THIS is why it all happened the way it did. Heaven and Hell have been fucking around with them all for a damn long time.

Had I finished reading this before SOR shut down, I would've insta-recced it there too, and it would've been my first SOR insta-rec. Speaking of SOR, I recced stuff there that I didn't link to from my journal, so if you're curious about what else I've been enjoying in fandom, you can check under this tag.
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1. I don't know if you've been keeping up with the fics on [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen -- and you should, there are some awesome fics being posted there -- but hey have you read the amazing summergen fic I got?

Bird's Eye View by anon for now | SPN | Jimmy, Claire, Ben | PG
Years later, Castiel leaves Jimmy Novak. Jimmy's family has aged, but he hasn't, and he is now the same age as Claire. Post 6.22 spec, second generation.
omfg this broken precious thing between Jimmy and his daughter. His PTSD, his losses, his new equilibrium that isn't really one at all. Really beautifully written, and with such poignant details.

2. Sooooo I may or may not have prompted pyrokinetic!Misha Mishalecki at Blindfold, and holy fucking shit, you guys, this fill.

All kinds of hot by [livejournal.com profile] tawg | CWRPF | Jared/Misha | Explicit
Misha is pyrokinetic. Jared digs it.
Hot puns aside, the imagery is just really amazing, and the dynamic between them is like fjdksfjdklsdsf, and this Misha is a delight to read.

3. The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] froggyfun365 has recorded my J2 superhero AU, How to Disappear Completely, as a podfic! She has done a really great rendition, so leave her your praise, guys. She also incorporated the Radiohead songs I was using as a writing soundtrack. So basically here's the inside of my head while I was writing it? You can download the podfic here.

4. The communal Novakcest tumblr is taking off hard and fast, holy crap. Voluminous to the point where we reckon the idea of a regular LJ round-up post is becoming unfeasible. [personal profile] callowyn did a round-up post recently though, so you should check that out. But yeah, seriously, if you wanna come play, just get on the tumblr and poke our Ask. Our arms are open.

4b. the AU where it's Jareds instead of Mishas

5. I've been into this song lately. It's the harmonies of the rounds. "Para Sa Tao" by Humanfolk:


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