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Written for Narnia Exchange '09. Originally posted here.

Narnia. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter(, Aslan?). G. Thanks to Wyrm and Bedlam for the beta.
Lucy knows Aslan by many names.

Adonai )
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Oren Lavie, the guy who sang the memory tree song on the 'Prince Caspian' soundtrack, has a song called "A Dream Within A Dream". Coincidence?! Did he write that song for the Narnia soundtrack but then it got rejected because it was too dark? Like Imogen Heap, apparently? The lyrics are pretty apt. "Caught within a dream within a dream/A man within a man."

In other Narnia-related news, the fic I wrote for Narnia Exchange is up. This year I ended up writing for [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil, which I was initially D: at because it can be more difficult writing something for someone you know than someone you don't. But I guess it turned out okay, so hooray! Last year I wrote for someone who didn't even holla back when the fic was posted, which was very sadface. Oh well, no sadfacing now though.

Narnia. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter(, Aslan). G. Spoilers for VotDT. Thank you to Wyrm and Bedlam for the beta.
Lucy knows Aslan by many names. ~3300 words
If there’s no water to wash themselves before prayers, the faithful wash themselves with sand.

In Narnia- AND music-related news, there are 3 songs that have become indelibly associated with this fic in my mind, and here is the tracklist in plot-relevant order:
1. Holcombe Waller, "But You"
2. Sufjan Stevens, "To Be Alone With You"
3. Emiliana Torrini, "Serenade"

In my grand tradition of overdoing things, I've uploaded these songs as a sort of mini-soundtrack, and you can download the RAR file here. And yes, I've come to terms with the fact that I am incapable of not including Sufjan Stevens on any sort of fandom-related mix.

Relevant to my fandoms.

...Holy shit, that Santa is pretty terrifying.
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I'm yoinking the neighbor's wireless because [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis is a jolly good fellow and so say all of us! Happy birthday, beloved Wyrrrrrrm. I wrote you Archenland fic, with Lune and Susan hanging out and spyyyymaster Susan. I hear you like such things??

The Letters and Conversations of a King of Archenland
Narnia. G. [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon beta'ed it because she rocks.
Lune, his family, his friends, and some unfortunate members of the Avran nobility.

To what shall we drink? )
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Originally posted here.

memories of memories and thoughts of thoughts
Merlin/Narnia. Merlin & the Pevensies. G. 200 words.
Merlin has seen things change over a thousand years.

they have internalized transience )
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Originally posted here. A missing scene can be found here.

The Left Hand of Heaven
Narnia. Edmund, Peter, Lucy, Tirian. PG.
A missing scene from a Last Battle AU in which Edmund, Peter, and Lucy return to Narnia. Mild Lucy/Tirian, though this is mostly about Edmund and Peter and the battles they've fought across two worlds.

he knows how to interpret the shape of peter's motivations through sudden tensions in the body )
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A repost for linking convenience. Originally posted here.

the empty world sings
Narnia. Pre-Peter/Lucy, dubiously gen. PG. Written for the prompt 'trapped in a cabin in the mountains' during dinner, except I changed 'cabin' to 'some caves'. Golden Age fic. 270 words.

they take turns distracting each other from memories )
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1. Would the 'missing scene' meme work if I drabbled a missing scene from one of YOUR fics? Or if YOU drabbled a missing scene from one of mine? Or is that too much.


3. What is with this LJ apocalypse I've been hearing rumours about (again). Whatev. But, since I've been meaning to do this anyway, I started an insanejournal here as a form of alternate fic repository. I should def move the older ones, 'cos I don't have the files for those anymore.

4. The awesome [livejournal.com profile] lazaefair has organized the crack-addled mess that is me and Bedlam's pevencestuous grifters commentfic AU (...we haven't thought of a title, okay) into chronological order, and it can be found on [livejournal.com profile] themusingstream. *glomps her* (Do people still use 'glomp' anymore?) At this point we've had cameos from Ocean's 11, Numb3rs (just a teeny one), and Merlin. And Boondock Saints, though the McManus brothers haven't officially showed up. ...Shit, I misplaced my shame gland again.

5. More drabbles:
Merlin/Narnia. Merlin and the Pevensies in England. This is entirely tricksterquinn's fault. )
Boondock Saints. Someone's forgotten something. )

The following were originally posted here for the (still ongoing?) 'missing scene' meme, and have been spruced up for an actual post.

- from this room has many windows (Narnia, Susan/Peter/Edmund), for [livejournal.com profile] lettersandliars
a starched cotton dress and runs in her stockings )

- from A Guide to Modern Living (Gossip/Boondock Saints, Travis/Connor), for [livejournal.com profile] lux__aeterna
i'll pray for whoever i fucking want to )

- from The Left Hand of Heaven (Narnia, Edmund & Peter), for [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard
lucy grins at him with a rabbit in each hand )

- from Just Lie Back and Think of Camelot (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin), for half of [livejournal.com profile] mumblemutter
what does mugwort do anyway? )
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This is how I got my name, but now I'm reading Psych fic and it's is giving me a nominal crisis. It's $15 for a rename token so FUCK THAT, and I don't want to go through the hassle of making a new account. I can just change my name without changing my account, I guess, but dammit, all these options just sound like giving in so I will do NONE OF THEM. I will stand my ground. TAKE THAT, PSYCH.

AND NOW... a drabble dump!

Narnia/HP. Post-TLB. Susan & Tom Riddle. )

Golden Age. Implied Susan/Lucy. Tumnus is smarmy and Edmund doesn't want to know. )

Post-TLB. Susan, traveling the world. )

Deleted scene from 'Crowning of a Heart'. Lucy chasing Peter through Cair Paravel's secret passageways. )

Deleted scenes from 'and sometimes you hear the silence speak':
Leaving Cair Paravel. Peter&Susan, and Edmund being a grinch. )
En route to Calormen - 2 drabbles )
Edmund&Susan shenanigans )
Edmund & Susan at the Tisroc's banquet. )
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I have already flailed myself out am apparently still flailing about Episode 10 in the comments of various people's LJs. So I will post instead three fics Episode 10 has made IMPERATIVE THAT FANDOM WRITE. )

So, guys, the first [livejournal.com profile] narniaexchange fic is posted, and it is the one I wrote! It is a Last Battle AU (because I don't have enough in my life already) where the Pevensies sans Susan return to Narnia instead of Jill and Eustace. It's more 'missing scene'-ish, I guess.

The Left Hand of Heaven. Edmund&Peter, the battles they have fought across two worlds. ~3000ish words, PG
Thanks for the beta [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis, and [livejournal.com profile] vestarho I hope you like it. :)

The conversation that led to the title-- )
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They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said--

1. If you've ever wondered where the drabbles are at for Arthur/Susan, Morgana/Edmund, Uther/Lucy, Susan/Morgana, Lucy/Merlin, and the Dragon/Aslan (and Pevencest is a given), maybe you should look here. Part of my and [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard's ongoing mission to have the Pevensies sleep with everyone ever.

2. I never posted actual links to the following, and they do go with the overall theme of this post, so what the hell. In terms of Stardust crossovers, this is the one with Last Battle revisionism, and this is the one with Ben Barnes/Ben Barnes Caspian/Dunstan.

3. Here is that meme where you pair up the characters of the adjacent icons on your icons page and write a drabble about it.

Virgil Malloy (of O11) & Donald Duck, Miraz & the Beatles )
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It has been a sulky sort of evening, but when I put my iTunes on random, the first song it played was "Evacuating London" and I was like :-D. My computer totally did it on purpose to make me feel better, I know it.

I have been on an icon-collecting kick lately. I'm looking forward to the release of the Prince Caspian DVD mainly for all the iconpretty people will be making. Icons 2 and 6 from this post make me want to write fic. Y'know, 'cos with #6, Edmund falters or loses his metaphorical footing, and it's not that Lucy saves him, quite, 'cos Lucy knows when to let Edmund fight his own battles. And besides, Lucy has learned by now that you can't make people believe -- in god, in themselves, in love, whatever -- but she is There, and, as Johnny Maxwell, the titular character of the EXCELLENT TRILOGY YA'LL MUST READ, says, "You can get medals just for being there."

The fic for #2 is probably set in Italy, because there is actually a city in Italy called Narnia, and [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis was like, "Do you think the Pevensies were ever like, 'Hey, our country and this place in Italy have the same name!'?" Susan would be like, "It's just a name, you know," and waxes boring about how it's actually called Narni now, and it hasn't been Narnia since the Roman empire. And I don't know if all the Pevensies go or just some. According to that fount of knowledge Wikipedia, Narni is "of strikingly medieval appearance, with stone buildings, and narrow cobblestone streets," which totally enables angsting about Narnia. Like, it has the largest Roman bridge ever built, but only half of the bridge is still standing. They stand on the edge of the broken bridge and look down at the water, and it's like that scene from PC. Insert here stuff about ruins and relics and the inexorable passage of time. The town is also home to Blessed Lucy of Narni, who died after 39 years of speaking to no one but her confessor. "That doesn't sound like Lucy at all," says Edmund, and Lucy laughs as she shoves him. So anyway, there is wine-drinking, frolicking on the hillsides, and Pevencest. Pastoral idyll and being in a place that time seems to have forgetten.


Edit: More from Just William, from when William asks the sketchy man if he lost his ears in the war: "I bin in the wor orl right. Stroike me pink, I bin in the wor and that's the truth. But I didn't get 'em cut orf in the wor. Well, I'll stop kiddin' yer. I'll tell yer strite. I never 'ad none. Nar!"
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I think this one is also long enough to merit its own post. It is also all in lowercase. Why? 'Cos I didn't think ahead and wrote these ficlets all up in the comments of the song meme post like that, and now I am too lazy change it. Ah, posterity.

...Check out also her Edmund&Peter in Narnia fic, Kingly Business.

Sea Salt
Narnia fic for [livejournal.com profile] etsu_88, who knows her Spice Girls as I do. Peter&Lucy on the beaches by Cair Paravel. (Again with the squinting.)

one doesn't worry about such things in narnia )
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It's one thing to waste time doing something enjoyable and eventually realize you're fucked, but it's that much more frustrating when you're wasting time doing something distinctively UNenjoyable. Like being bewildered at your statistics homework and hoping that staring at it in horror will eventually make it comprehensible. So, ON TO MORE ENJOYABLE THINGS.

Seeing as I have no time to do a cumulative recs post, let's try one rec per post, chipping away at it and such. And All Our Yesterdays is Peter/Susan in England, trying to keep it together and falling apart, as a Peter/Susan in England is wont to do.

I am planning to do a couple of drabble-dumps at some point, but I think this one is long enough to merit its own post.

five times in england when it was difficult to let go
Narnia ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] lettersandliars, who knows who didn't start the fire. Pevensies post-LWW. Pevencest if you squint.

and then they are gone )
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I stopped doing anything productive as soon as I got back to the dorms for a late dinner. I should've been asleep a few hours ago and all caught up on Lost, but alas this is not so. TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.

Okay, drabbles! And then I sleep, I swear. All the titles are Sufjan Stevens song titles, because why not? Bed, you have seen these all before.

size too small
edmund, post-lww
he himself has been the betrayer once )

all the trees of the field will clap their hands
susan, post-tlb
the past is not preserved in dreams )

we won't need legs to stand
pevensies, knowing aslan by another name
by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there )


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