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Voici my 500th post! How better to celebrate than by posting Narnia/Mary Poppins crossover fic about Susan becoming Mary Poppins's assistant, co-written with awesomefaces Betsy and Wyrm? In many ways, it is kind of a perfect summation of my fannish experience. This started as commentfic in separate posts, then we consolidated it in a whirlwind of excitement, and left it to languish for like a year.

Title: Winds To Catch
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis, [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon, & [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics. Because sometimes it takes three people to churn out 1300 words.
Fandoms: Chronicles of Narnia/Mary Poppins
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Mary Poppins
Rating: PG
Summary: "Come with me," Mary says, and Susan doesn't hesitate because this is the second chance she thought she'd already lost alongside everyone who could give it to her.

She has her umbrella, and they both have the winds.

SPN crossovers I wanna read/write: Narnia, Fight Club, Lucifer, X-Files )

Some little bird told me it's fandom appreciation week. I can get behind those sentiments. Hey, fandom! I like you. I would even go so far as to say I like you a lot. Let's go for a malt sometime and write epic commentfic (LIKE A BOSS), OTP crossover ships (LIKE A BOSS), and swear that this fic is gen (oh fuck me I can't fuckin do it shiiiit). Seriously, guys, with your Giant Squid fics, and your sympathy for the 'villain', and your thoughtful worldbuilding, and your willingness to let joy get out of hand, and your furious shaking of shoddy canon until plausibility and/or glee falls out,


In conclusion, Hipster Puppies and Cute Boys With Cats.
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Written for [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire's fandom stocking.

Christmas Past
Narnia. Susan, Edmund (Jadis). Rated G. 323 words.
Golden Age fic. It's Christmas, and Edmund and Susan are up early as usual.

He always call her Jadis, never the Witch, as if recalling an old lover. )
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For Betsy, who requested Susan and Morgana.

Negotiable Things
Merlin/Narnia. Susan Pevensie, Morgana. G. 73 words.

In a London pub, two women. )
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between here and there
Post-TLB. Susan traveling the world. 156 words. G.

she moves often )
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Where the Wild Things Are/Narnia crossover, because [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire said, "I think you should write an AU where Max is actually Susan's son." Done!

once a king
115 words. Susan & Max, post-movie/book. Rated G.

once a king )
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Written for [livejournal.com profile] katakokk.

too old for lullabyes
Narnia. PG, Peter/Susan. 627 words. Warning: incestuous.
"That's all the whiskey we have left to drink." Post-Narnia.

too old for lullabyes )
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Man, if you thought 'Sea Change' and the Revolutionsverse was bad, heads up. This is probably the most pretentious (...and academic discipline- and litigation-inviting) thing I've done to date.

I co-wrote Narnia fic with Emile Durkheim. It's England fic, of which approx 50% is copy-pasted from Durkheim's Elementary Forms of Religious Life. The translation I have is the Joseph Swain one, and it's beautifully written and it reminds me of Narnia ALL THE DAMN TIME. My notes in the margins largely consist of things like "OMG SUSAN" and "the constitutive elements of Aslan" and just, I dunno. Sometimes the book feels like a collection of excerpts from fic. Durkheim totally could've written some bombass Narnia fic if he wanted to. So I made him!

For Z, who loves me anyway.

(I, uh. I should flock this, shouldn't I.)

Forms & Foundations
Narnia. Susan, Edmund. G. Co-written with Emile Durkheim, posthumously.
"This world tells her, You are Susan Pevensie, a whole equal to the sum of her parts, and she wonders what that entails."

The idealization of a world is merely changing the terms of the problem; it is not resolving it or even advancing it. )
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Written for Narnia Exchange '09. Originally posted here.

Narnia. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter(, Aslan?). G. Thanks to Wyrm and Bedlam for the beta.
Lucy knows Aslan by many names.

Adonai )
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Oren Lavie, the guy who sang the memory tree song on the 'Prince Caspian' soundtrack, has a song called "A Dream Within A Dream". Coincidence?! Did he write that song for the Narnia soundtrack but then it got rejected because it was too dark? Like Imogen Heap, apparently? The lyrics are pretty apt. "Caught within a dream within a dream/A man within a man."

In other Narnia-related news, the fic I wrote for Narnia Exchange is up. This year I ended up writing for [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil, which I was initially D: at because it can be more difficult writing something for someone you know than someone you don't. But I guess it turned out okay, so hooray! Last year I wrote for someone who didn't even holla back when the fic was posted, which was very sadface. Oh well, no sadfacing now though.

Narnia. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter(, Aslan). G. Spoilers for VotDT. Thank you to Wyrm and Bedlam for the beta.
Lucy knows Aslan by many names. ~3300 words
If there’s no water to wash themselves before prayers, the faithful wash themselves with sand.

In Narnia- AND music-related news, there are 3 songs that have become indelibly associated with this fic in my mind, and here is the tracklist in plot-relevant order:
1. Holcombe Waller, "But You"
2. Sufjan Stevens, "To Be Alone With You"
3. Emiliana Torrini, "Serenade"

In my grand tradition of overdoing things, I've uploaded these songs as a sort of mini-soundtrack, and you can download the RAR file here. And yes, I've come to terms with the fact that I am incapable of not including Sufjan Stevens on any sort of fandom-related mix.

Relevant to my fandoms.

...Holy shit, that Santa is pretty terrifying.
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I'm yoinking the neighbor's wireless because [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis is a jolly good fellow and so say all of us! Happy birthday, beloved Wyrrrrrrm. I wrote you Archenland fic, with Lune and Susan hanging out and spyyyymaster Susan. I hear you like such things??

The Letters and Conversations of a King of Archenland
Narnia. G. [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon beta'ed it because she rocks.
Lune, his family, his friends, and some unfortunate members of the Avran nobility.

To what shall we drink? )
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Instead, I will demonstrate my feelings through SONG.

I kept on coming across songs that would fit better on a Susan mix part two (augh Susaaaan). And there is maybe a Morgana mix in the making? Anyway, here are a handful of songs and corresponding microdrabbles about Peter and Susan, post-PC. Rated PG13 for implied incestuous sexings.

afterimages [this side of the looking glass] )
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Tagalog word of the day!: tagahalakhak (pronounced tah-gah-hah-LUCK-HUCK), meaning hilarious!

I have these snippets lying around -- a couple of lines from overexcited meta, a few sentences of directionless porn -- that I keep around in case I might want to use them in a fic at some point. A lot of them I can't use because the contexts are really specific and vaguely cracked out, but I'm a packrat. If I get rid of a bunch of stuff, it's usually by accident.

Anywayz, these are Peter/Susan snippets from various exchanges with Bed and Z that I've smushed into one thing. Yanno, as much as I love Peter/Susan, I'm beginning to feel like I've said all I need to say about them. Maybe I need a new lens. Maybe I need to AU this shit up. I wanna read other people/s Peter/Susan.

Narnia. Peter/Susan. R. 647 words. Warning: incest.
Post-Narnia. They're not afraid of silence.

there is no wolf )
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Originally posted here.

memories of memories and thoughts of thoughts
Merlin/Narnia. Merlin & the Pevensies. G. 200 words.
Merlin has seen things change over a thousand years.

they have internalized transience )


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