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lol, y'know the Krug/Marchand notfic I wrote last post? I turned it into an actual fic, because. Post-game sex and trade anxiety, y'know?

Doesn't Change Much | hockey RPF | Torey Krug/Brad Marchand | Mature | ~900 words
"There's nothing to hold on to. Soon, he suspects, there will be even less."

Also, come read the Lackadaisy webcomic, guys. It's beautifully illustrated, with clever dialogue, taking place during Prohibition in St. Louis. My favorite character is everyone, but after reading The Midnight Special by prodigy, I may have a giant soft spot for stoic, stubborn, ornery Viktor Vasko and his partnership with irascible, particular Mordecai Heller, and how good they were at--uh, getting rid of problems~ once upon a time.

And, also, thanks to the internet, I'm watching this Russian TV show on Hulu called Junior League, which is like Friday Night Lights but Russian and hockey. I'm only on episode 2, and I might watch a bunch more up in my room shortly because I like the feelings it gives me. Future Yuletide fandom? QUITE POSSIBLY.
whynot: hockey: stay warm in the wintertime (first line)
I wrote a flashfic thing.

Krug/Marchand, post-game sex, rated R | that feeling never really goes away )

I'm, uh, handwaving the wife situation. AU?

In related news, I was looking for video of the Krug/Marchand scuffle, but I found something more glorious. Here is Torey Krug playing softball and pretending to be Brad Marchand. Yes, both at once! Look at this multitasking sunuva gun.

YOU LITTLE SHIT. These little shits. I wonder if Krug and Marchand have always been insecure about their heights, or if it's the byproduct of being on the same team as Zdeno Chara.


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