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As my icon might suggest, I watched Where the Wild Things Are and

I spent the first half hour bawling my eyes out at like EVERYTHING even the opening credits with Max's drawings all over them, and DESTROYING HIS SNOW FORT :(((( and destroying his card to his sister :(((((((((( AND THEN HIS MOTHER HELPS HIM CLEAN THINGS UP jfdsjfkldf. Familyyyyyy, growing up and how hard it is to stay together AND OMG MAX'S STORY ABOUT VAMPIRES T_T <-- this smiley means "I AM CRYING", right?

My experience over the course of the movie can be summed up as such:

T_T T_T T_T T_T <33333333 <333333333333 <3333333333 T_T T_T <333333333jfgksjlldfs

WTWTA is what Narnia purports to be, but is too full of holes to be. I've come to be seduced by Narnia's nostalgia heartbreak of never being reconciled with the world you leave behind, but it is so, so satisfying to be reconciled! OH MAX. Oh Max. At some point, I'll drabble about you hanging out with Lucy and/or Susan, but for now I'm just going to bask in the warm glow of MY LOST CHILDHOOD and maybe write my paper.

OH AND HEY. When the mom was on the phone talking to her boss, did you guys catch what his name was? MR. LASSITER. AND I WAS LIKE XD XD XD and further convinced that this movie was custom-made for me.

I haven't been having particularly strong feelings about SPN as I watch it, possibly because usually when I watch it I'm distracted doing something else. I don't really ship Sam/Dean, and I have a feeling I'm just waiting for this Castiel person to show up so I can ship him/Dean. I already ship Winchesters/Pevensies in any and all combinations. Prompt me some Pevenchester in comments and I'll write you 5-sentence fic (um, set during S1 I guess).

I have a bunch of unusable screencaps from when I was making my LWW icons. I still have them 'cos I'm a pack-rat, so here is me getting some use out of them:

EDMUND: ...and I was like, 'No way,' but Jadis was like, 'Yes way!', and I was like--

EVERYONE (except lucy): AAAH!

LUCY: What? What?

EDMUND: What just happened to your face?!

LUCY: My face?

EVERYONE (except lucy): AAAHH!

EDMUND: There it is again!

LUCY: Oh, that? It's just my face blurring. It happens sometimes.

SUSAN: Well, stop it. If you make that face often enough, it'll stay that way forever. Wherever did you pick up such a bad habit anyway?

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