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It has become a running joke that the offensive production of teams I become a fan of turns to dust, so I guess, you're welcome, people who hate the Bruins. I accept gratitude in the form of monetary donations, please message me for further details. Meanwhile, I am forbidden from becoming a Patriots fan and currently instructed to root for Denver. Go Broncos!

I have this Hilary Knight/Julie Chu fic that's been sitting in my drafts that I should stop procrastinating. Also, I guess, my DCBB? But Christmas is a few days away, and I'm going to spend all day tomorrow making macaroons. This clarity of mission feels so good to me. For one day, I don't really need to worry about job applications and whatever. All I have to do is make macaroons and put them in cute bags. I will be so at peace.

Hey, do you guys watch Scandal? I'm halfway through S2 and I am digging the shit out of Mellie Grant. What a ferocious, sharp-toothed woman. Weaponize the performative femininity of a first lady like the BADASS YOU ARE. I don't really ship anyone, but I get strong king/lionheart feelings from Olivia/Harrison. The president needs to stop pooping his pants though, like sir you are an adult, you must stop defecating in your drawers, or at least buy your own diapers, like have you learned nothing?

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