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2011-11-27 02:38 pm

everything in its place

[personal profile] callowyn made a post compiling her Novakcest ficlets and I thought maybe I should do that too. So I cleaned them up and here are some! But first, have some canonverse Dean&Cas tumblrfic I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] aplethora's birthday a couple of months ago. She asked for platonic cuddling.

As always, clicking on the picture will take you to the original post.

Pre-4x01. Castiel raises Dean from hell. PG. )

Okay, here's the Novakcest. They're all PG13 and lower, even the blow job one somehow.

Jacob blows Castiel )

Jimmy/Jacob, season 3, first time )

Jacob/Castiel, season 5, after the first time )

Jacob, Cas, Harvelles, Sam. Croatverse. )

Jimmy/Jacob, season 3 )
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2011-09-29 05:08 pm

you're welcome

Once upon a time, there was a Blindfold prompt that was like "Jared watches Jim Beaver take a shit" and the next thing I knew, the following appeared in a chat window. I would like to state for the record that the "liquidy" line is all Cally.

Rated M for Mature. Totally mature, guys.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a stomachful of burritos, must be in want of a shit. )
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2011-04-27 01:21 pm

we're going to need a bigger crossover

I keep meaning to pimp this and then forgetting: [livejournal.com profile] spn_fanmix! And another pimping thing:

This is my non-subtle request that y'all write more Sam/Cas. FANDOM NEEDS YOUR SASSY.

This is not a pimping thing, more a continuation of my mission statement to enable any and all Mishacest:


I also love it when fandoms collide. There has been an awesome minisplosion of Doctor Who/Supernatural on my dash. As usual, clicking on the graphics will take you to their creators. Spoilers for DW 6x01 and SPN 6x18. )

Furthermore, as if there was ever any doubt, Supernatural/Back to the Future OTP. Uh, spoilers for SPN 4x03, 6x18, and the BTTF movies? )

HEY, PEOPLE WITH WHOM I WAS DISCUSSING Doctor!Misha, companion!Jared, and companion'sboyfriend!Jensen, I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU.
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2011-03-19 07:13 am

FIC: The Men Who Stare at Croats (Zachariah, Michael)

OMGWTF[livejournal.com profile] tentacle_fest! FOR ALL YOUR MULTIFANDOM TENTACLE NEEDS. Prompting is open until March 22, 7 am EST. CHOP CHOP. Writhe writhe?

Up next in my quest to finish all the WIPs, here is angel crackfic HOW THINGS REALLY WENT DOWN.

The Men Who Stare at Croats
Supernatural. Zachariah, Michael. G.
Set between 5x03 and 5x04. How the zombie apocalypse was born. ~1400 words

Humans are often sad about things during the zombie apocalypse, right? )
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2011-02-26 11:40 am


Tell me, Lass, was it a coincidence that you came back from hiatus the week 6x15 would be airing?


Also I was watching The Godfather I and II for the umpteeth time a few days ago, and this much is clear: Sam Winchester is Michael Corleone.

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2011-02-26 11:40 am


Tell me, Lass, was it a coincidence that you came back from hiatus the week 6x15 would be airing?


Also I was watching The Godfather I and II for the umpteeth time a few days ago, and this much is clear: Sam Winchester is Michael Corleone.
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2010-06-04 01:01 am


This is an excerpt from the Supernatural episode of a documentary series entitled Wild Fandom, produced by intrepid documentarians [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics, [livejournal.com profile] puckling, and [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil.

Follow the fangirlologist as she ventures into the darkest heart of Livejournal. [spoilers for 5.22] )

This has been brought to you by the Mutual of OMG. Feel free to share with us your favorite Wild Fandom excerpts and episodes, and together let us contemplate the wildness and beauty of her, this creature called fangirl.

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2010-06-04 01:01 am


This is an excerpt from the Supernatural episode of a documentary series entitled Wild Fandom, produced by intrepid documentarians [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics, [livejournal.com profile] puckling, and [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil.

Follow the fangirlologist as she ventures into the darkest heart of Livejournal. [spoilers for 5.22] )

This has been brought to you by the Mutual of OMG. Feel free to share with us your favorite Wild Fandom excerpts and episodes, and together let us contemplate the wildness and beauty of her, this creature called fangirl.
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2010-05-01 09:55 pm

"Man's Worst Friend" - Supernatural - Crowley - PG

Hellminster Hound Show of course refers to Westminster Dog Show.

Man's Worst Friend
Supernatural. Crowley and his doggie. PG. Written for the cuddlefic meme. 5x21 coda.
Written for the prompt: Crowley cuddling with his hellhounds!! 404 words.

They canceled Hellminster for this? )
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2010-01-15 07:05 pm

haiti and the attack of the frankenfandoms

+ Do you guys like food? Sure you do! Get food, help Haiti. You don't hate headers or icons either, right? Of course you don't! Get graphics, help Haiti. HOW ABOUT MISCELLANEOUS STUFF, DO YOU GUYS LIKE MISCELLANEOUS STUFF? Get tarot readings/nail polish/hand-knit tribbles/Swarovski earrings(?!!), help Haiti.

Aaaaand for those of you who like Merlin. For those of you who want to donate traditionally. For those of you (in the USA) who are down with the texting: Text "HAITI" to 90999. $10 will be donated to the Red Cross. It'll get added to your next cell phone bill.

+ My fannish impulses re: Supernatural has thus far tended towards fusions and crossovers. Dean!Arthur, Sam!Morgana, John!Uther, and Castiel!Merlin? Or maybe the Winchesters and MacManus brothers team up and road trip it across the country fighting evil and crime, depending on which family you're in.

+ Same thing re: Psych. 'Cos maybe I just want Gus to be like "OMG MY PARTNER" and Watson is like "I KNOW." And when Shawn and Holmes barge in being like, "Trusty companion, we have a case!", Gus and Watson have left, leaving only a note that says "HAVE GONE ON HOLIDAY TO SEASIDE, DND KTHXBAI you self-centered pricks." And Shawn and Holmes make shifty-eyes at each other but SOMEONE has to solve this case, 'cos god knows Lestraud and Lassie could be all day.

+ And then maybe Mulder barges in yelling "THE CONSORTIUM IS BEHIND THIS" because why not.

+ "It's not that he's crazy," Scully muses, playing with the umbrella in her pina colada. Gus nods wisely and says, "I know what you mean." Also HUH, Watson and Scully are doctors, and Gus was in pharmaceuticals, so like. Is EVERYTHING based on Sherlock Holmes?

+ Art rec! Merlin crossover -- I would tell you which other fandom, but it would ruin the surprise.

+ Hey, remember the street food AU I was pitching a couple of posts ago, with the black market bureaucracy and insular politics? VINDICATED: The Street Vendors' Food Fight, now with additional trade gentrification. “These bakeries should focus on making better cupcakes, and not on stamping out the competition,” said Mr. Ekster, who, like many vendors, loudly proclaims his belief in free-market food fights. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] lazaefair!
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2010-01-04 08:27 am


Dear my [livejournal.com profile] camelotsolstice anonymoose,

This is all your fault!


PS: Marry me.

Merlin. Arthur, Morgana, Merlin, Gwen (Uther, William, Alvarr, Lancelot). PG13. 3841 words inspired by this mafia!Pendragons AU art. Warning: canon death, violence. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder for betareading!
Three things that aren't supposed to happen at Gaius's birthday, Pellinore's funeral, and Leon & Forridel's wedding. Scenes from a mafia AU.

There are a lot of things you can store in a meat freezer. )
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2009-12-19 02:15 pm


So I guess it's official for the time being: [personal profile] whynot is my repository of ficcish errata e.g. commentfic, meme responses, etc. Every so often, I will compile a list here of new things I've posted there.

List of things I've posted there! )

I love that I finally get to put these icons to work. I love my DW icons! If ever I decide to become fandom Voldemort bent on fandom immortality, these icons would be my horcruxes. So-called mentors! Gaiusface! WILL BEING OPPRESSED. And Peter/Susan of the keysmash variety. Yessss.

VID REC TIME, because I've watched this next one four times now and it fills me with feeeeeeeelings every time, holy shit.

Waking World - It's about Morgana and Gwen and the men they loved who failed them. This vid is incredibly well-constructed. Meticulous attention to detail for maximum levels of verklempt! I WAS ALL LIKE, "Uther & Morganaaaaaa D: D:" and like "OMG MORGANA" then like "Arthur Gwen Lancelot D: D:" and like "GWEN OMG" then like "GWEN OMG" and then I was all "HOLY SHIT, LADIIIIIIES" and then THE ENDING HAPPENED and I am like <3333 :-O :-O <33333345. It breaks your heart then sets you freeee.

Despite itself, the vid has put me in the mood for gritty Arthur/Morgana and tragic Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot. Hmm.

By the same vidder, there is If You Were Gay, which is that song from 'Avenue Q'. Vidding Merlin and Arthur to this is perfect and hilarious (omg the VOICES and the FACES) and oh how I giggled. PERHAPS I EVEN CHORTLED.

In conclusion: [livejournal.com profile] amerlinworld. It's like A Softer World, but with more 'Merlin'!
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2009-12-18 11:48 pm


As my icon might suggest, I watched Where the Wild Things Are and I LOVED IT omg. )

I haven't been having particularly strong feelings about SPN as I watch it, possibly because usually when I watch it I'm distracted doing something else. I don't really ship Sam/Dean, and I have a feeling I'm just waiting for this Castiel person to show up so I can ship him/Dean. I already ship Winchesters/Pevensies in any and all combinations. Prompt me some Pevenchester in comments and I'll write you 5-sentence fic (um, set during S1 I guess).

I have a bunch of unusable screencaps from when I was making my LWW icons. I still have them 'cos I'm a pack-rat, so here is me getting some use out of them:

In Which Lucy Picks Up a Bad Habit )
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2009-12-16 05:17 pm


IDK, if hiatuses were a class, I would get a big fat F. But there are more important things! For example: porn. Specifically: porn in Australia! And the future lack thereof?! Here's what [livejournal.com profile] ineptshieldmaid has to say about it:

Minister Stephen Conroy has announced that the Australian Federal Government will be censoring our internet access, with legislation to be tabled in Parliament next year. As an Australian consumer and producer of adult content, I reject government censorship. Australian fans reject censorship. Fandom at large rejects censorship (I hope). Thus: a porn-in! A celebration of all the terrible adult content from which Minister Conroy would like to save us.
This porn-in will be taking place at both Ineptshieldmaid's dreamwidth and her livejournal.


In other news, the 3-sentence ficathon has become my favorite LJ hangout. It's perfect for my current attention span, and I'm writing in fandoms I would never write in other otherwise. So! Three-sentence fics under the cut! Some (many) of these fandoms have been crossed over with each other.

epistemology, English grammar, Harry Potter, Jonny Quest, Mary Poppins, Macdonald Hall, The Matrix, Merlin, Narnia, science, Shakespeare, & Wall*E )

I'm usually not one to be linking to College Humor, but check out Dangerous Wands, a fake trailer based on Dangerous Minds but set in the Wizarding World with Hermione Granger as Michelle Pfeiffer. ("DO I LOOK LIKE PRO-QUIDDITCH MATERIAL TO YOU?") It's utter crack basically, but UMMM now I kind of want to read the fic? It's so cracked out it came back the other way potentially compelling! What is it like for a socioeconomically disadvantaged wizard kid kicking around at the bottom of the system?! I mean, we've all seen how inept the Ministry of Magic is.

To conclude, 2 Merlinish things:
1) a ficlet I wrote for Memetime with Mordred & Morgana
2) the merlin/morgana drabble!au spam fest!
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2009-11-23 02:00 am

you down with OPT? / yeah you know me!

If you know of anywhere in New York where I can put my social science quantitative skills to work, you let me know omg. I need to find an opportunity that lets me volunteer/intern/work for 20+ hours a week for my OPT (Optional Practical Training, but the 'Optional' part is right now kind of a lie). Let me run a regression analysis on your data, baby. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT. Let's you and I get serially correlated all night long!

...LOL J/K IT'S ACTUALLY TERRIBLE TO BE SERIALLY CORRELATED. Oh god. To prevent my head exploding from inoperable data sets, a post of Things:

* I'm sure by now everyone has seen the 'Merlin' Children in Need 2009 special. It's like someone sent them crackfic, saying, "Can you film this pretty please???" and they were like, "Oh what the hell, sure why not!!" Also, it is weirdly similar to that commentfic that [livejournal.com profile] katakokk and I wrote that one time. ETA2: ZOMG AU!Pudsey!Camelot Meme

* [livejournal.com profile] animus_wyrmis, remember the 'Merlin' extras meme we were talking about, with the servants and the guards etc? The Fleet is on top of that shit.

* An interesting article about the hazards of transitioning from fanfic to original fiction. Well, it's sort of a review of Cassandra Claire's 'Mortal Instruments' books, which I've never read, but it makes some salient points that give one food for thought. "Essentially City of Bones reads like fanfic - and I don't mean that as kneejerk indicator of poor quality, I mean that it reads like something constructed for a different purpose, functioning on a different ruleset. Leaving aside any criticisms of the actual style, this scene would probably work - for me - if I read it as fanfic."

* 'Merlin'-related things from my GReader that make me go 'fjlksdfj!': Angel and Bradley!! and KATIE AND ASA!!! <3333

* Wait wait wait. Katie McGrath AND Emilia Fox are both on 'The Queen'?! So I guess this is on my to-watch list now.

I suspect that's all I have to say for now. So, meme time! Respond to this post with a completely made-up memory of you and me.

ETA: God help me, I think I'm addicted to Fuck Yeah Merlin. All these pictures deserve fic: 1) MOTHERFUCKING PENDRAGONS; 2) What comes next in the story of their lives? Vaguely Edward Hopper-ish, no?; 3) Mordred is still crushing on Morgana and no one cares; 3) Uther passes on the sword; 4) Uther and the Lady Catrina take a breather from terrorizing the citizenry; 5) HOLY SHIT IT'S A MAP OF CAMELOT AND SURROUNDING REGIONS; 6) Arthur gets tetchy when he doesn't get his candy bar; 7) To no one's surprise, Merlin is a Death Cab fan; 8) Family photo!!; 9) Hanging with the guys!! <3333; and 10) I don't even know where to begin with this one.
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2009-11-04 11:17 pm

in other news, 'wall*e' still makes me cry like a baby

1. In Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana disaster relief news, [livejournal.com profile] litlover12 is organizing a drive to resupply public schools in the Philippines with classic books hereabouts. If you got any spare change lying around, kids!

2. you are here: the journal of creative geography is accepting submissions! "Geographical imagination is a specific term, but has diverse meanings within geography and related fields. The concept has been used to describe the similarities and differences of individual or collective perceptions of space and place. We encourage submissions that engage this concept along with its limits and possibilities. Submissions should consider the utopian, fantastical, cultural, political, aesthetic, visionary, or other dimensions of this concept. We ask you to invent, define, unravel, or creatively explore imaginary spaces and spatial imaginaries." Submission deadline: January 10, 2010.

3. I saw this on 'Robot Chicken' last night and it totally cracked my shit up: Six Mix-a-lot comes to Camelot to educate some people about optimal table shapes.

4. omg Yuletide sign-ups! Can any of you be enticed to write fic for Jonny Quest, Captain Planet, The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy, or classic Disney cartoons? I hope so! (Think it's okay that I picked Jonny Quest instead of JQTRA? 'Cos I mean the character list still has Jessie on it...)

5. I'm still working on the writing prompts from the stories and identity post, so those are coming soon-ish. I also have to spruce up the knightfic I wrote for the Fleet party two parties ago. In the meantime, in honor of the World Series, here is Unnecessary 'Merlin' AU #748392: Arthur Pendragon is the starting pitcher for the Camelot Knights. Their long-term rivals are the Albion Wizards. Perhaps the World Series are on the horizon? They have a Round Stadium! I'm actually not sure what else it would involve outside of baseball signals and superstition, Knights Nation, and Arthur brooding prettily on the pitcher's mound. It... it could happen?

Did I have more to say than this? Possibly. But too bad!
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2009-10-17 02:50 am

home is a feeling a state of mind an abstract thing, and permanent because of its transience

Damn, son, I gotta start hanging out at the Camelot Fleet more often, especially if they're going to have a take your fandom home with you AU minifest. I totally would have been all over that and I am sadface that I missed it! Merlin in New York has already been expanded upon here, but Worcester and Manila have not yet been broached. Let us rectify that!

Merlin, Will, Gwen, and Morgana in Worcester, Massachusetts )

Arthur, Lancelot, Uther, and Gaius in Manila, Philippines )

I kind of wanna do that meme where, in the zombiepocalypse movie of your life, who would play you and your friends? And I will choose fandom characters instead of actors/actresses. But it's already 3 AM, so maybe another time. To close: THE GREAT GAIUS MEME!!! \o/ <333!

ETA: Oh Christ, I don't need to be tempted by another ficathon, [livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang. But my Merlin/Sandman crossover can count for this, and I already have 3000 words.
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2009-10-16 01:06 pm

<333 for Betsy

Ho shit, it's another birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon! ILU MUCH.

Her birthday present is part of the fanfic writer AUverse in this post and its comments, in which Gwen and Morgana are university students who also write fic for a cracktastic, anachronistic, subtext-heavy show called Revolutions, which stars Colin Morgan as a young Karl Marx and Bradley James as a young Friedrich Engels. In other words, it is pretty much unadulterated crack.

Merlin/RPF. Ensemble. PG.
"So tell us, Bradley, what can we expect from the second series of Revolutions?"

All I'm saying is that Colin Morgan can raise my class consciousness anytime he wants. )
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2009-10-13 06:49 pm

"In the Waiting Line." Narnia/Skins. Edmund/Effy. R.

What Merlin character am I most like?

But enough about me! Is it that my subconscious resentment at missing the Crossover Exchange is making me crossoverically productive? Or is it that it is [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire's birthday? The latter! Happy birthday, Mary! I am, uh. I am a bit late with this. I meant to post this yesterday, but then got distracted, you know. Anyway, the title is from this Zero 7 song of the same name, 'cos Zero 7 is Edmund/Effy music in my head. This fic is a direct continuation of this.

In the Waiting Line
Narnia/Skins. Edmund/Effy. R.
She takes Edmund far from the world without engulfing him in her own.

In the Waiting Line )