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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2005-01-18 02:52 am

spn fansong: in the dark (sam/dean)

in the dark
lyrics by lassiter, music by lassiter & buhaina

wait for me down in the dark
i've done what you asked and i swear
i'll be there soon
the summer's been burning your name into my bones
as if it wasn't there before

she calls my name in the night
but my name on her lips don't feel right
it's the same dreams all over again, all over again
but it's you who's burning, you who fell
it's me who's standing here in hell

wait for me down in the dark
'cos i will let sleeping dogs lie
i've felt their teeth
they parted my skin and they dragged me down
dragged me down, down, down
but baby i'd do it again, do it again
a wicked story none will tell
but i will it here in hell

they'll carve out my bones
and devour my voice
they'll bury my exits
i'll rise again, rise again
burn out your soul
and they'll drink of your blood
they'll turn you to mud
but you'll rise again, rise again
we'll rise again

wait for me down in the dark