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Birthdate:May 17
Website:las @ LJ
My LJ name used to be lassiterfics, but not anymore.

"Best of luck, lads. You'll walk with Death every day, but I've seen 'im and he's been known to wink. And remember: fill your boots with soup!"
--Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment

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Disclaimer: People and things in my fic -- I don't own 'em, I don't know 'em, and it's all just lies, damned lies. And statistics.

On friending/defriending: Friend/defriend at will, explain or don't, it's all good. I'm pretty easygoing and tend to operate along these lines myself.

On lurkers: Just as everyday is defriending amnesty day, everyday is lurker amnesty day! Say hi wherever and whenever, and feel free to go back to lurking afterward if you prefer.

On spoilers: I LOVE THEM, for the most part. I warn for spoilers in the posts, but not in the comments, so proceed with caution.

Interests (121):

angelcest, anthrolology, anthropomorphization, avatar: the last airbender, awesomepanzer, awooga, boom de yada, boondock saints, can't have nice things, captain planet, castiel, chronicles of narnia, claire novak, clairestiel, colin/mary/dickon, commentficcing, crack, crack/angst otp, crazy uncle jake, croatpocalypse, croatverse, crossover ships, cryptic mentor figures, dirty sexy money, dogma, donald duck, doomed kings, edmund pevensie, edmund/susan, endverse, epic flail, everyone/everyone, excellent adventures, experimental conjugation, extreme ghostbusters, eyefucking, ezekiel 1:1-28, fanfic, fictional non-fiction, fight club, fraught gen, from dusk till dawn, gaius's dubious motivations, gaius's limber eyebrows, gossip, harry potter, heist movies, hero worship, hetalia, i am jack's fandom, inequitable distribution of capslock, is it really gen?, it's a silly place, jonny/jessie/hadji, last battle revisionism, leverage, lord of the flies, lotrips, marx/engels, merlin, merlinarnia, metafiction, misha collins is canon, mistaking fanservice for characterization, moral ambiguity, motherfucking pendragons, movieverse, mulder/scully, murder by numbers, narnia/susan/england, not being on flatbreads, nudge nudge wink wink, obscure fandoms, old cartoons, overanalysis, overinvested guardian figures, peter/susan, philia, picnics on the moon, profound bondage, profound bonds, pyro, quentin tarantino, questionable implications, red dragon, rpf, saint becky the apostle, scullyverse, sexing the multiverse, skins, slash, soapboxing via crackfic, sociolology, st. john allerdyce, stasis, stupid fucking rope, subtext, sudden onset dean/castiel syndrome, sufjan stevens, supernatural, susan pevensie, sympathetic enemies, temporal disorientation, the clan mcduck, the desert as archetype, the faculty, the nineties, the problem of susan, the secret garden, the ties that bind, the war on fail, thingstielism, tl;dr, uncle johnny keynes, what fourth wall?, what westermarck effect?, wheeler/linka, whoresome foursomes, will lives!, wrong things, x2
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