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Lassiter ([personal profile] whynot) wrote2015-03-10 12:03 am

the weekend of the paille hatty watch

- Pasta cellied so hard for his Detroit goal. He wasn't holding back even a little bit. Also had a good face, like he was also really concentrating on not falling over.

- Speaking of cellies, I lost my fricking mind over this. Brad Marchand and the Chamber of Overtime had already rendered me incoherent, and then the group hug just grew and grew like a blob absorbing everything as it moved over the ice and I just fucking lost it. What a bunch of maroons*.


- Pasta's face when he yells "TUUKKA!" and peels off from the group to hug the wasp overlord.

- uuuuuuuuuuuugh brad marchand uuuuuggghhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggghhh brrrrrrrRRRRAAAADDD MARCHAAAAAAND

- After Marchand tied it up with the Flyers, a Bruin picked him up in celebration when everyone flocked around them, and I had assumed it was Dougie or Talbot or someone similarly sized, but no, it's motherfucking teeny tiny Torey Krug. These two will be the death of me. I'm pumped Krug is coming back, he is my favorite d shh don't tell dougie

- The world turned upside down a little bit when Daniel Paille ended up on hatty watch. It's like the perfect punchline to this entire season where he has been the butt of this exact joke. He didn't fall over, he didn't whiff, he didn't miss an open net, he honest to goodness pulled it off, at last, after all this time. You do you, Paille. You do you. Also, Talbot and Paille used to be linemates before this a couple of times, so that was pretty sweet. A nice coming-together, and Claude's faith in the fourth line beginning to be paid off.

- Marchand was so excited he even kissed Talbot on the visor. “I just said, ‘I could kiss you right now,’ and his visor was in the way,” Marchand said. When asked if he’s done that before, Marchand said: “I’m sure I have. I’ll try anything once.” From here. This goes straight into the fic ingredients drawer.">