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haiti and the attack of the frankenfandoms

+ Do you guys like food? Sure you do! Get food, help Haiti. You don't hate headers or icons either, right? Of course you don't! Get graphics, help Haiti. HOW ABOUT MISCELLANEOUS STUFF, DO YOU GUYS LIKE MISCELLANEOUS STUFF? Get tarot readings/nail polish/hand-knit tribbles/Swarovski earrings(?!!), help Haiti.

Aaaaand for those of you who like Merlin. For those of you who want to donate traditionally. For those of you (in the USA) who are down with the texting: Text "HAITI" to 90999. $10 will be donated to the Red Cross. It'll get added to your next cell phone bill.

+ My fannish impulses re: Supernatural has thus far tended towards fusions and crossovers. Dean!Arthur, Sam!Morgana, John!Uther, and Castiel!Merlin? Or maybe the Winchesters and MacManus brothers team up and road trip it across the country fighting evil and crime, depending on which family you're in.

+ Same thing re: Psych. 'Cos maybe I just want Gus to be like "OMG MY PARTNER" and Watson is like "I KNOW." And when Shawn and Holmes barge in being like, "Trusty companion, we have a case!", Gus and Watson have left, leaving only a note that says "HAVE GONE ON HOLIDAY TO SEASIDE, DND KTHXBAI you self-centered pricks." And Shawn and Holmes make shifty-eyes at each other but SOMEONE has to solve this case, 'cos god knows Lestraud and Lassie could be all day.

+ And then maybe Mulder barges in yelling "THE CONSORTIUM IS BEHIND THIS" because why not.

+ "It's not that he's crazy," Scully muses, playing with the umbrella in her pina colada. Gus nods wisely and says, "I know what you mean." Also HUH, Watson and Scully are doctors, and Gus was in pharmaceuticals, so like. Is EVERYTHING based on Sherlock Holmes?

+ Art rec! Merlin crossover -- I would tell you which other fandom, but it would ruin the surprise.

+ Hey, remember the street food AU I was pitching a couple of posts ago, with the black market bureaucracy and insular politics? VINDICATED: The Street Vendors' Food Fight, now with additional trade gentrification. “These bakeries should focus on making better cupcakes, and not on stamping out the competition,” said Mr. Ekster, who, like many vendors, loudly proclaims his belief in free-market food fights. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] lazaefair!

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...I did not know that people were offering food for auction @ [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. Makes me want to offer up a Chinatown goodies box. :)

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You should!