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fic roundup

Being that I haven't been active on LJ/DW for a while, I also haven't been posting my new fics here. Well, here is a compilation of fics I've written since the last time I posted here about a fic I wrote!

Hockey RPF

One Step Forward | Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin/Brad Marchand | R | ~2100 words | "He ends up crashing like a wave on whatever shore is offered to him."
Tyler falls asleep with the phone still in his hand. He won't remember most of the dream that follows, merely its adjacent details. Something about the sky falling, time stopping. Something about promises or sacrifices, he can't really tell, and that, at least, is no surprise to anyone.

Baseball RPF

Next Year's Miracles | Xander Bogaerts/Grady Sizemore, past Xander Bogaerts/Jackie Bradley Jr. | R | ~3100 words | All your favorite mistakes have been teammates.
You're careful in the middle of a game, precise and honed like all the heroes you longed to be, but in love, you grow careless. When they play the American national anthem before a game starts, you pray to God, but when your heart is careening off a cliff, you trust nothing but its own trajectory.

Last Days of Spring | Xander Bogaerts/Grady Sizemore, one-sided Xander Bogaerts/Jackie Bradley Jr. | PG13 | ~1600 words | These spring training games don't mean anything, but other things do.
Grady has this notion that all Xander needs to do is move on from Jackie, like it's easy, like he hasn't been trying, in his own way. He is full of ideas of how Xander might fix his life, which is ridiculous, because all things considered, Xander's life is just fine, it's going just great. There are just a few snags.

lol, okay, those two fics are dated, I guess. Spring training feelings, ah! Grady Sizemore didn't even stay a whole season with us. Apparently he ended up batting lead-off for Philadelphia with an improved slash line, so good for him. He may have played like a bat out of hell during spring training, but spring doesn't count. And all this angst about Jackie Bradley Jr. not making the opening day lineup? Sir, he became a regular anyway and ended the year being a nominee for the Golden Glove, so.

On the Other Hand | Christian Vazquez/Xander Bogaerts | PG13 | ~1100 words | "You lived in the moment, and for the next couple of years, Xander continued to be in every single one of them."
"I didn't know-" you murmur between kisses. "I didn't know if you still wanted-"
He laughs, calls you an endearment in Papiamento that he taught you long ago but you forget the meaning of. "Why wouldn't I?"

GUYS, THEY ARE BFFS THOUGH. They were roommates down in the minors, and every other shot of Vazquez in the dugout is him leaning on the rail with Xander. did you read that article where Vazquez was singing Xander's praises like he is great at baseball and soccer and did you know he is good at cooking? It sounds fun, being Xander Bogaerts's roommate. Tell us more about it, Christian Vazquez!

All the Light There Is | Allen Webster/Christian Vazquez | R | ~2600 words | All he has to do is close his eyes.
Christian makes Allen feel like he can do anything, and these days Allen has been wanting to test it, seized at strange times by a desire for flight or fire to walk through, for Christian looking at him across sixty feet on infield grass, willing miracles to happen.

I have plans to add more to this 'verse, where Allen gets even further in over his head re: his feelings, and everything kinda rushes sideways in drastic and unsurprising ways. There's a couple of scenes I need to dislodge from my head. Stay tuned~

Choirboys | Michael Morse & Hunter Pence | PG13 | ~500 words | The night before their All-Stars leave for Minnesota, Morse throws a party.

The Giants, my other team! Here's 500ish words of schmoopy fluff because THESE DORKS, OKAY. Pence showing up for interviews wearing Morse t-shirts, Morse imitating Pence's high socks, ET CETERA, and that time Morse tried to hit like Pence because he thought Pence was doing it on purpose. goddddddd. Pence is just a gigantic weirdo who loves video games and his scooter, and Morse once had to run the bases backwards and hit an invisible grand slam. They are perfect for each other.


This Year's Love | Castiel/Meg, Dean, Sam | PG13 | ~2200 words | Futurefic AU. "They are the last angel and demon on earth, cast off into mortality when they were cut off from the places that made them." Castiel and Meg live together. Sam and Dean drop by sometimes.
He's a light sleeper, mainly because the idea of sleep still discomfits him. Mainly because of the dreams. But Meg takes to sleeping like a duck to water, and Castiel is intrigued by the utter peace on her face when she's deep in slumber.

Vice | Sam/Ruby, Ruby/Lilith, Meg | R | ~1300 words | AU in which Ruby survives the S4 finale. Post-5x02. She finds Sam again after he and Dean go their separate ways.
She still thinks of it as the moment Lilith died instead of the moment Lucifer rose. She supposes such sentimentality will fade in time. It is a new world after all.

The Hand That Feeds | Castiel/Meg, past Dean/Castiel | ~3400 words| AU. Meg picks Castiel up after the events of 8x08 and teaches him about hunting, sort of.
There's that opaque single-minded hardness in Castiel's eyes that anyone else would mistake for pride. But she wouldn't. She knows what pride looks like on him.

Home Team | Abaddon/Meg | PG13 | ~1300 words | It's the summer after senior year, and everything's about to change. [Alternate universe where women get drafted and play in Major League Baseball.]
Someone said, let’s make a woman. Let’s make her radiant and terrifying. Let’s make her throw 95 miles per hour. There’ll be nothing she can’t do.

Nostalgia | Ruby, Meg | R | ~1600 words | WARNINGS: torture | ~1600 words | Meg finds Ruby, and consequences ensue. Set during season 4.
This is the part of herself that Ruby never listens to anymore. Meg once said that it must be vestigial humanity. Ruby is less sure. She wonders if there's just a little part of herself that hangs on tight right into death and into demonhood, and maybe it was called humanity once, but maybe now she can't call it that anymore.


Ring in the New Year | Jensen/Misha, ensemble | R | ~5800 words | WARNINGS: recreational drug use | Two times Misha fell asleep at Jensen's, and one time he didn't.
Misha finds himself wishing that time didn't pass, that it would just collect. Last week and ten years ago should be jostling against each other in a giant pile, all pasts present, all events accounted for, and every person within arm's reach. This year has been a good year, and sometimes that's all he knows.

Pacific Rim

Like Water | Mako/Raleigh-ish | G | ~600 words | Post-movie. "They have all the time in the world, now that the world is here to stay."

How Many Miles | Mako Mori, Herc Hansen | G | ~1500 words | Every year, Herc drops by for the holidays.
They share similar scars, and sometimes it's not that they know each other well so much as they know themselves, and trust each other with the rest.

It Takes a Village | Herc/Stacker, Chuck, Mako | G | ~900 words | You can't always keep away the bad dreams, but you don't have to be alone afterwards.
Chuck squints at Stacker. “That’s my dad’s shirt.”

Teen Wolf RPF/Baseball RPF

OKAY, A LITTLE BACKGROUND. I guess the general background can be found under my Tyler Hoechlin's shattered baseball dreams tumblr tag. The gist of it is that Hoechlin played some serious college baseball, and was on track to maybe actually getting drafted. Very serious!! But then an injury put a bullet in that plan. He was heartbroken.

He told Seventeen, “My best friend and roommate from Arizona State is Ike Davis, so I get to come to watch him play for the Mets.” Ike doesn't play for the Mets anymore, but I'm sure Ike and Tyler still hang out.

Someone Else's Horizon | Tyler Hoechlin/Ike Davis | PG13 | ~2000 words | "Nostalgia is an infectious disease in any sport."
Outside of a game, catch becomes an abstraction, mere acts of geometry. Math is one of those eternal things, Ike told him once, and it made sense to Tyler at the time, because baseball is one of those things too. Parabolic home runs and acutely angled comebackers, the asymptotic trajectories of teams who deserve to win but never, ever do.

Tangent | Ike Davis & Tyler Hoechlin | PG | ~600 words | It's the off-season and there's enough time to escape.
Ike has run away to the opposite side of the country carrying little more than a final destination, and now that he’s here, he breathes in deep.


I leave you on this note of Hoechlin always having a special place in his heart for Ike Davis baseball, even when being asked about what superpower he'd like to have:

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