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The last day to sign up for the Meg Exchange is tomorrow Sunday, so come sign up if you haven't. Receive the Meg-centric fanwork of your dreeeeaaams. :)))
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So guys, where's Meg, amirite? Where is she? When will SPN give her back to us? MEANWHILE, I am proposing a Meg-centric fanwork exchange. WHO'S WITH ME??

I've made a comm - [community profile] megexchange - and for those of us who've migrated, here is the Meg Exchange tumblr. Come join and/or follow! It's all still rather a work in progress at the moment. I'm still working out the rules and deadlines and such, but soon, SOON, we hope to roll in such Megtastic glory.


PS: Does anyone want to help make some promo banners? 500 pixels in width with "The Meg Exchange" and subtitled "a meg-centric fanwork exchange" on it is all I ask. I'd very much appreciate it. :)
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Oh hey, remember that jossed Cas/Meg amnesiac!priest AU fic I wrote a few months ago? I wrote a little coda to it, because Cally said, "Being told he is not alone by someone whose face forever eludes him... but he isn’t alone, is he? He’s got Meg. Meanwhile Meg finds herself missing the Castiel that would smite her as soon as look at her. At least that Castiel she knew what to do with. She’s not supposed to owe him anything, but he’s not supposed to look at her like he trusts her."

It happens in the woods outside of Paxton. )

In other news, it's Henriksen Week on tumblr and my computer with the Photoshop is gone so I am sulking as I get over a stomach virus, and also here's a Victor at Camp Chitaqua thing that Emily and I co-wrote one time and one of us should continue.
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This is for Annie, with whom I have been flailing about post-7x02 Meg/amnesiac!priest!Cas for a while now, and anyway I should post this before it gets well and truly jossed.

Title: Living Backwards
Characters: Castiel/Meg
Rating: adult
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] callowyn for betareading.
Summary: Post 7x02. “It wasn’t that he found peace, but that he found silence, which is an adequate placebo for now.“ ~3000 words

It’s just that she’s the only one who knocks the static loose these days. When they touch, he can’t tell which one of them is on fire.


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