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a pimp and a fic survey walk into a bar

[livejournal.com profile] afterthecold: a community dedicated to your hypothermic cuddling needs! There is a commentfic challenge going on, and someone should write my prompt.

Leitmotif of the year:
I wrote more gen and het than I thought I would. There was also a lot of talk about destiny and a fair amount of crack. I never really wrote much humor before, but there's something about Merlin.

Overall thoughts:

My best story this year:
Probably The Ink Still Drying? It feels structurally tightest.

My favorite story of this year:
Character Motivation! It's a crack premise (Bradley James in Camelot) but it let me write about such interesting things and veer all over the comedy-tragedy spectrum. The fic starts out with "lol it's anachronistic!!~" but gets srs bsns with identity and myth, and then it gets all "Narnia fanfiction meets Moorcock's Behold the Man", and lemme tell you: the sequel to this fic cannot be anything but sadtimes.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe
My crossovers and the ones where I use second person POV. Also Halcyon Days.

Most fun story to write:
Since I already mentioned Character Motivation, I'll go with OMGWTFOTP. If you ask me, "What ate your brain in 2009?" I'd point you to this fic because it can explain better than I can. I have at least one more fic to write in this 'verse.

Story with the single sexiest moment:
I guess Walk Along Horizons is sexy? Unless it’s just skeevy.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story
Forms & Foundations, because of the copyright issues. I made Emile Durkheim write Narnia fanfic! But I guess, how is this different from putting zombies into Pride and Prejudice? Putting Narnia into the sociology of religion is not that big of a stretch.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters
Reflected in a Watery Mirror. Sort of. This is fic of a fic, so mostly it made me realize that Bedlam's Peter and my Peter are perhaps not as different as I thought. It felt like they were during the writing of it, but upon rereading, hmm, not so much?

Hardest story to write
MY SOLSTICE FIC. Bar none. I still have my issues with it.

Biggest disappointment
Surviving Death. I either ended it too soon or too late.

Biggest Surprise
I guess Men At Arms? Somehow my attitude towards redshirts on the show has switched from "lol whatever redshirts" to "I'm going to sympathize with the redshirts just to spite the show!!".

Most unintentionally telling story
My Solstice fic. Oh lord.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to
The "Will lives!" AU.

Excluding random snippets, my 2009 fics are:


Facing An Open Sea
March 2009, 944 words. Ty Lee/Azula, peripheral Mai/Zuko. R. Warnings: sexytimes, spoilers for episode 3x05.
Episode tag to 'The Beach'.

There is a secluded stretch of beach owned by the royal family where the sand is whiter, softer, and the ocean bluer, or maybe that’s just how Ty Lee remembers it.


September 2009, 3300 words. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter(, Aslan?).
Lucy knows Aslan by many names.

You recognize Aslan in all the gods of this world, and you see His mercy in every balance struck between good and evil. A hundred gods, each with a hundred names, a hundred ways to sin and as many ways to be forgiven.

Forms & Foundations
October 2009, 1224 words. Susan, Edmund. G. Co-written with Emile Durkheim.
"This world tells her, You are Susan Pevensie, a whole equal to the sum of her parts, and she wonders what that entails."

Mythology is where our non-identity is staged. It is where what we are not is housed. In Narnia, you keep time by the cycles of ritual, and you measure it in units of memory. With each day and month and year that passes, Narnia becomes more and more of a collective secret from which they draw the shape of their lives.

The Letters and Conversations of a King of Archenland
August 2009, 2645 words. G.
Lune, his family, his friends, and some unfortunate members of the Avran nobility.

Dear Father,

Lord Peridan arrived on gryphon-back yesterday to deliver a message to the regent, and I told him I could deliver it for him but he wouldn't let me. However, the gryphon did let me ride her for a bit while we waited for Lord Peridan to finish, and it was great. Flying is excellent! Why can't humans be born with wings?

Reflected in a Watery Mirror
January 2009, 3885 words. Narnia:Dustverse. Peter/Tirian. Rated R for kings getting it on.
Fic of a fic. A missing scene between chapter 6 and 7.

Tirian would expect to hear bitterness in his voice accompanying such words. Perhaps wistfulness, or resentment, but he hears only Peter’s typical confidence – acceptance, not submission. Tirian says, “What does that matter in the end, your majesty, for you are the High King of Narnia,” and the words feel uncomfortable on his tongue. If Peter needs no reassurance, then possibly Tirian is only trying to reassure himself. “You are king over all kings and maker of a golden age.”

“I am a man who loves my country,” Peter replies, “and sometimes that is all I know.”

Sea Change
March 2009, 3690 words. G. Peter, Susan, and Edmund from the end of the Golden Age to England, and back, and back again. Co-written with Zempasuchil.
Sea change: n. A gradual transformation in which the form is retained but the substance is replaced. "Maybe when the world changes, your footholds in it do too. Maybe he's back to stumbling in a land that doesn't fit him."

Here, they divide the earth into strips, and in each strip it is a different time. In Australia it is tomorrow, and in America it is only this morning.

This delights Lucy when Edmund tells her. She replies, "If we keep going west fast enough, we can always stay in the same day!"

"But even if you stay in the same day, you grow old," he points out. "You can't make time stand still."

You have to move to stay still in time.

afterimages [this side of the looking glass]
May 2009, PG13. Peter/Susan. Warning: incest.
Microdrabbles written for a post-PC fanmix.

He shrugs and looks away. "Nothing," he replies, and says something inconsequential about the weather as she reapplies her lipstick.

May 2009, 647 words. Peter/Susan, rated R. Post-Narnia. Warning: incest.
They are not afraid of silence.


Post-War Miracles (The Rising Sun Remix)
November 2009, 1341 words. Germany/Japan, America/Japan-ish. PG13.
Japan and Germany after the war. A remix of [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil's 高度経済成長 / Wirtschaftswunder from Japan's POV.

Still, Japan will not apologize for his own success, so he falls to complimenting Germany instead. Soothing bruised egos - a familiar and necessary business in these times. Japan wonders if this is what America thinks he is doing, soothing egos, and at the same time emphasizing the surety of defeat. There is no more need to fight, says the undertone. There is nothing left to fight with.

LEVERAGE a fandom in which apparently I can only write crack

What Happens in Vegas
March 2009, 768 words. Eliot/Nate. R.
Written for the prompt 'Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, Las Vegas'

Eliot sweats. His breaths come in gasps; he's flushed with exertion.

Nate's skin stays cool to the touch.

Faster, Pussycat!
May 2009, 631 words. Ensemble. PG.
A handful of facts about the time Parker got turned into a ceramic cat.

Sometimes Hardison would whisk her off just to watch old X-Files episodes together and, okay, scifi wasn't really her thing, but she liked the episodes where Mulder and Scully get to kick monster butt. The ones about the government (or the army? or possibly aliens?) just gave her a headache.


The Ink Still Drying
March 2009, 4904 words. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen. R.
Futurefic in which Merlin begins to remember the future, Morgana reaches for her destiny, Arthur is kind of dense, and Gwen isn't an idiot.

Merlin has begun to remember the future.

It’s crowding out the past in his head, demanding his attention like a spoiled child. His visions aren’t as clear as Morgana’s – “Not yet,” she tells him with a knowing smile – but she guides him as enthusiastically through the future as he had guided her through magic. She tells him much of the same things he had told her: don't fear it, don't try to stop it, don't lose yourself in it.

Character Motivation
Merlin/Merlin RPF. February 2009, 15400 words. NC17. Merlin/Bradley James, mentions of Merlin/Arthur & Bradley/Colin. Warning: spoilers for episodes 4, 7, 10, & 13; strangeness. This began as a short thing for the Porn Battle, then it took on a life of its own and became Rather Bizarre.
Bradley James is stuck in the 'Merlin' universe.

“Last night, he insisted we spar a bit. I said ‘oh no thanks’ but then he got a bit scary. You know how Uther gets a bit scary?”

“I know how Uther gets a bit scary,” nods Merlin.

“So I was roped into it. Nearly killed me. But.” Bradley shrugs, fiddles with a blade of grass. “I don’t know, I think it killed him having to go easy on me. Poor bastard misses his son.” He looks up at Merlin then, Arthur’s blue eyes and Bradley’s unabashed earnestness. “You miss him, don’t you?”

Only a Model
February 2009, 785 words. Ensemble. PG.
'Merlin' meets 'Monty Python & the Holy Grail'. Camelot is a silly place.

"We'll have to make him push the pram again," Uther muses. "That will teach him."

Arthur hesitates. "I think we may have to resort to more drastic measures than the pram."

February 2009, 953 words. Ensemble. And ZOMBIES. Rated Z, for ZOMBIES.
The night the zombie apocalypse came to Camelot.

Gaius has to remind himself that this isn't Uther anymore, this isn't his king and friend whom he has advised and supported over the years. No, that Uther is dead. Or rather: undead, and it is up to Gaius to stop him.

Still, he cannot stop himself saying, "Forgive me, my lord," in a tight and quiet voice before lopping the zombie's head off with a sword.

He steps over the body and rushes out the door. He will not linger. When zombies attack you cannot be idle, and Gaius has learned this lesson the hard way.

Doing It Wrong
February 2009, 336 words. Merlin/Arthur. PG13.
The one where Merlin is bad at dirty talk.

“What? I thought you wanted to be degraded!”

Men At Arms
November 2009, 970 words. The knights and guards of Camelot. PG. [personal profile] heathershaped gave the prompt "Clueless Guard #2/Clueless Guard #3" at a [community profile] camelot_fleet party, and then this happened.
"He wants to be heartened by Sir Leon when he tells them that Camelot needs them now more than ever, and he wants his trust in his prince to be enough, but Bedwyr wonders."

"The guards have been scared of the underground for years," Gaheris shrugs. "They're afraid of the dark, nothing more."

But later when Bedwyr talks to the guard named Alcott, his suspicions arise again.

"Wasn't just noises this time!" Alcott confesses. "There were voices! I heard voices!"

Halcyon Days
April 2009, 3923 words. Merlin, Will. PG.
Merlin and Will from the past to the beginning.

It was unfair. The tree should belong to everyone. And it wasn't eight paces from his cottage and therefore his by dint of proximity, as he claimed; it was, in fact, eleven and a half paces by both Will and Merlin's counts. When they brought the matter to his attention, Simmons had retorted, "The Simmons men have always had a large stride!"

A Taste For Steel
January 2009, 742 words. Morgana. G.
Eight facts about a girl and her sword.

She was proud of the blisters on her palms, and told Gwen in the earnest tone of the neophyte, “A woman should be able to defend herself.”

the only things that echo
May 2009, 1666 words. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana-ish, Lancelot/Gwen-ish. R.
Futurefic. Comings and goings at Camelot as destiny closes in.

Morgana squeezes his hand and says, "It is not yet time for Camelot to fall," which Merlin knows is true, but he is restless with the inability to contribute, to fight, and to be at Arthur's side.

Ye Shall Not Surely Die (The Ascension Remix)
July 2009, 2142 words. Dragon/Hunith, Nimueh. A remix of Apples by Suaine. PG13. Jossed.
Walking the line between two worlds.

The first sorcerers were dragons. They drew power from the earth to which they were bound, the air through which they danced, and the fire in their veins. The first spells were cast in dragonsong, with words older than the first man.

October 2009, 2528 words. Morgana and Gwen, plus the Merlin cast. PG. More from the fanfic writer AU.
Gwen and Morgana are university students who also write fic for a cracktastic, anachronistic, subtext-heavy show called 'Revolutions', which stars Colin Morgan as a young Karl Marx and Bradley James as a young Friedrich Engels.

“Morgana, the only reason you’re reading Marx’s biography is so you can bookmark all the Karl/Friedrich subtext for later reference.”

Surviving Death
September 2009, 1786 words. Nimueh, Will. G.
Will and Nimueh in the afterlife.

Will nods. “How did you die?”

Nimueh’s lips curl into a humorless smile. “I was sacrificed.”

“Ah.” He nods again. “Me too.”


That Old Playground Song
January 2009, 454 words.
Narnia movies. Ben Barnes/Will Moseley. PG13.
Ben and Will sitting in a tree.

"Oh please. You know Caspian's the handsome one."

"That's crazy talk," says Will. "I bet there'll be more Peter posters sold than Caspian posters. You'll see. You'll see, and then you'll cry about it."

Walk Along Horizons
January 2009, 620 words.
Narnia movies. Will Moseley/Anna Popplewell/Liam Neeson. Rated NC17 for Liam Neeson being a pervbag.
"Have you forgotten the part where you kick us out of Narnia?"


The Reservoir
December 2009, 2686. Narrator, best friend. PG13.
In senior year, you and Billy cut class and drive your brother's truck to the reservoir.

Spring is finally, finally segueing into summer, and the crispness in the air is mellowing to a warm golden glow. You drive with the windows down, and Billy is wearing those stupid aviator glasses that he loves so much, the ones that make him look like a giant dork, but whatever. You've agreed to disagree on those aviators before.

Take a horse to water, they say.


an assortment of drabbles
April 2009, PG13.
Anwar and Maxxie after the series 2 finale. Michelle/Effy between series 1 and 2. Chris&Jal. Tony&Sid codependency.

"You all right, mate?" Maxxie asked.

"Yeah," Anwar lied.


Before, After, and Now
December 2009, 2217 words
Harry Potter/Merlin. Merlin/Arthur-ish, Harry/Draco-ish, Blaise/Draco/Pansy; rated R. Spoilers for the HP series, I suppose. Not very epilogue-compliant.
Merlin is reincarnated as Harry, and Arthur as Draco. This is one life where things aren't as smooth. Set a couple of years post-Deathly Hallows.

"If you don’t mind, and even if you do, I will continue to hate you while I still can."


"Have a good day," Draco says as he leaves, "and fuck you."

Two Prats Are Better Than One (?)
January 2009, 483 words
Merlin/Harry Potter. Merlin/Arthur/Draco. NC17.
Written for the prompt "Arthur/Merlin/Draco, brat" at Porn Battle VII.

"Merlin's beard, he's just as bad as Potter," Draco muttered.

"I... don't have a beard," said Merlin, making this face: o_O

Another Shore (people they never loved)
July 2009. 997 words.
Narnia crossed over with Skins, Harry Potter, and Merlin. Edmund/Effy, Edmund/Hermione, Edmund/Luna, Nimueh/Jadis-ish. PG.
A series of drabbles written for the 'things I'll never write' meme.

In the Waiting Line
October 2009. 979 words.
Narnia/Skins. Edmund/Effy. R
She takes Edmund far from the world without engulfing him in her own.

In the club, they wrap themselves around each other as they bob and sway to the music; the thrash of drum ‘n bass, the euphoric strains of trance. Sometimes they kiss each other - kisses that they don’t seek out but neither feel inclined to stop - and Edmund can smell the cigarette smoke on her, can taste the whiskey on her tongue. Effy tangles her hand in his hair and her fingers are cool against his scalp, like she retains no heat, like she retains nothing.

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I'm going to see if there's any fics I haven't read yet. Woot.

And also Halcyon Days is still my favorite fic of yours. It's fantastic.


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<3! WILL. Foreverrrr.

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Ah yes, the Skins Anwar and Maxxie drabble. Good times. Thank you for writing it, again!

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Thank YOU, for liking it :D
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I have at least one more fic to write in this 'verse.


The "Will lives!" AU.

You know, I actually feel like you've got several Will lives! AUs in you. If not more.

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Perhaps there could be if one looks deep enough XD. Like a "Will lives forever" AU?