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For Merlin Artword.

Title: The Family Business
Author/Artist: [personal profile] whynot & [personal profile] gwen
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Characters/Ships: Arthur, Morgana. AU fusion with season 1 of Supernatural.
Rating: PG13
Summary: When Uther disappears on a case, Arthur comes for Morgana at Oxford, and they fall back into the life she tried to leave behind. ~2100 words
A/N: Thank you very much to [personal profile] hivesofactivity and [personal profile] netgirl_y2k for the beta and Britpick.


They drive up the M1 with the windows down and Morgana snoring gently in the passenger seat.
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Wyrm's prompt: "Gwen and Edmund are In Love, and now it is time to meet their respective families!"

A Moment Alone
Merlin/Narnia. Edmund/Gwen. G. 267 words.
Pesky inlaws-to-be.

'Morgana is frightening,' Edmund decides. )
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For Betsy, who requested Susan and Morgana.

Negotiable Things
Merlin/Narnia. Susan Pevensie, Morgana. G. 73 words.

In a London pub, two women. )
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Fahye said, "OMGOODNESS, I want a Merlin/Sherlock Holmes crossover thing. Set in Magical Albion Whateverness, with Holmes & Watson coming to court. Maybe to solve a mystery. As they do." References Merlin 1x09. Originally posted here.

How He Did
Sherlock Holmes/Merlin. G. Holmes, Watson, Uther, Gaius. 142 words.

The question is not whether Tristan du Bois has risen from the dead. )
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Morning After
Merlin. Futurefic, Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot fluff. PG13. 364 words.

happily ever after? )
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Another thing [livejournal.com profile] allothi said I'd never write: "Hardyesque tragic melodrama. Morgana and Merlin fall hopelessly in love but society would never tolerate their class boundary-crossing romance, woez. So they get sekritly married and end up in horrible, angst-ridden situations when, for example, Arthur finds Morgana hiding in Merlin's chambers, jumps to the almost-right conclusions, keeps the secret to preserve Morgana's name but fires Merlin, WOEZ. Merlin leaves to be a starving peasant farmer. They turn out not to be married after all due to a confusing plot twist. Someone (probably Merlin) gets life-threateningly ill after sleeping all night in the open during a Terrible Storm. Morgana goes to nurse him back to health, reputation be damned! If they have had a Tragic Bastard Child at any point, it probably ends up hanging itself. Merlin starts to fall for Gwen at just the moment acceptance for his and Morgana's relationship is beginning to seem like a realistic possibility. Everything Morgana owns is destroyed in an act of god. She agrees to marry Arthur. Merlin goes mad with jealousy. Many people die. Possibly all together, by drowning, in the raging waters of the overflowing river. Survivors are psychologically scarred for life. But the scenery is exceptionally romantic and interesting-looking."

She remains correct. Having never read any Hardy, I wrote this instead.

~*The Ties That Bind*~
Merlin. 1476 words. 19th-century star-cross'd lovers AU. He was a punk, she did ballet. He from the lower class, and she from the upper. MELODRAMA ENSUES. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Morgana-ish. PG13.

One isn't friends with the help. It isn't done. )
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It's Pronounced Woostah
Merlin. PG13. 485 words. Merlin, Will, Gwen, and Morgana on a road trip making a stop in Worcester, Massachusetts. Also written for the take your fandom home with you minifest.

They say in ten years Worcester will be like Providence. )
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Written for [community profile] camelot_fleet's take your fandom home with you minifest, because I can't resist Mary Sueing my home into fics.

Once, in Manila
Merlin. Arthur, Uther, Lancelot, Gaius. Rated G. 1650 words. Crack?
Family vacation, of a sort.

They jack up the prices for foreigners. )
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Written for the prompt "For you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky" at Memetime with Mordred & Morgana. PG13, 285 words. Futurefic. Mordred and Merlin are determined to end each other, and Morgana is determined to stop them.

in the sliver of time between one moment and the next )
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[livejournal.com profile] allothi listed a few things I would never write. One was "King Arthur and Queen Gwen conquering the rest of Albion because those other monarchs obviously don't treat their people the way a civilised leader should." Well, I sure showed her!

Land & Bread
521 words. Rated PG. Warnings: a head on a pike?

They execute the king in the center of town for all his people to see. )
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This icon is strangely appropriate! This snippet was written for [livejournal.com profile] puckling, who requested for something set in the moody crackfest that is the Character Motivation universe. 287 words, rated PG. No warnings or spoilers.

whatever gets you through the day )
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For [livejournal.com profile] allothi, who gave me the following prompt: Morgana convinces Uther that he is at war with Wales. And has been for years. And needs to give her powers to raise up and train a large army. For his war. *cough*

246 words, rated PG. No warnings/spoilers.

to war
It was never a good idea, Arthur, and that is why we must end it. )


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